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Solar Pump Group PrimoSol 130-4

(PresseBox) (Güglingen , ) The new Solar Pump Group PrimoSol 130-4 from AFRISO is used in intrinsically safe, closed thermal solar systems and connects the solar storage vessel with the solar collector. The solar pump group circulates heat transfer liquids up to a height of 5,5 m and is suitable for system pressures up to 6 bar. The preassembled, for tightness tested and heat insulated assembly combines a combination cock (with a red thermometer integrated in the handle), a length adjustment pipe and a vent pot to deaerate the heat transfer liquid in the feed line. The venting process is simplified by a hose supplied with the unit. Integrated in the return line are: a combination cock (with blue thermometer), a pump (230 V AC), a flow meter and a safety group assembly. Both combination cocks have integrated gravity brakes. The flow meter includes a filling and rinsing unit as well as a ball type stop cock. The safety group assembly consists of a pressure gauge, a solar safety and mounting valve and the connection to the expansion vessel. The pump group is fully embedded in protective EPP expanded polystyrene foam which also serves as a safe transport packing. All required safety and necessary operational units are contained in the pump group assembly PrimoSol 130-4 which renders it ideally suitable for a quick and economical retrofit to existing installations. For original equipment manufacturers, these solar pump groups can also be manufactured in accordance with customer specific requirements. The solartechnical accessory range from AFRISO has now been specifically extended (e.g. filling and rinsing units, flow meters, ball cocks, valves, solar vents, air separator units, siphon pipes, catchment containers and solar system liquids) and has been tailored to suit the exact requirements of solar systems currently used in the market place.