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No reason to scrap decommissioned tanks

(PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) Rainwater harvesting has become a key issue as a result of increasing awareness in terms of environmental protection, energy resources and costs. These topics take centre stage in the media - and they deserve to do so. Frequently, fuel oil tanks are simply decommissioned when buildings or heating systems are renovated or modernised. But if you own an old steel tank, you already have one of the two main components for a rainwater harvesting system - a tank and a control system. Today, it is very easy to convert a fuel oil tank into a rainwater storage tank using an inner lining with magnets.

The new, patented AFRISO AR-SM inner lining with magnets allows owners to convert a decommissioned steel tank into a rainwater storage tank with very little effort. AR-SM is a very robust PVC lining with flat, round, extremely powerful neodymium magnets welded into it. The PVC lining is reliably held at the inner wall - no pressure is required inside the tank. The lining is a high-grade alternative to today's costly tank linings. A steel tank can be conveniently converted into a rainwater storage tank: First, the tank is measured and then a precisely fitting lining is manufactured. After the lining has been made in an AFRISO plant, the tank is prepared on the basis of a defined procedure (thorough cleaning of the tank, corrosion checks, etc.); depending on the condition of the tank, a fleece layer is placed on the tank floor for impact protection. Then the AR-SM lining is fitted in the tank and inflated by means of a blower; if necessary, the final fit is achieved by means of a vacuum pump. When the PVC lining is inflated, the magnets click into place exactly where planned. After the inflation procedure, the lining may require some final adjustment. The fit of the lining is checked and then it is fastened in the manhole by means of a fastening ring. After installation, the tank is ready to store rainwater; it can now be equipped with additional components required for rainwater harvesting such as a plastic manhole cover, suction fitting, inlet and overflow, filter, level indicator and pump. The rainwater lining AR-SM is suitable for storing rainwater in cylindrical steel tanks (3,000 -100,000 litres) and in rectangular steel tanks (3,000 - 30,000 litres).