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Environmental damage is preventable

(PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) A large majority of the substances used in the industry and even in private households can pollute the water. If these substances get into the soil, the groundwater or surface waters, this may be detrimental to the drinking water and result in ecological catastrophes. In Germany alone, there were 2313 accidents involving water-polluting substances in the year 2009.

A total of 7.1 million litres of water-polluting substances were released into the environment as a result of these accidents - this corresponds to the capacity of approximately 280 road tankers. Facilities for the storage of water-polluting substances must therefore be safeguarded against such incidents. In addition to the ecological results, anybody causing such an accident may face extreme liability claims.

The AFRISO WATCHDOG ÖWU water alarm was designed to detect oil or water accumulations. ÖWU consists of a control unit and a wall rail probe which are connected by means of a signal cable. The control unit contains all display and control elements as well as two relay contacts (1 changeover contact, 1 normally open contact). The height-adjustable probe is mounted at the lowest point of the area to be monitored. If the unit detects oil or water, it generates visual (red lamp for oil, yellow lamp for water) and audible alarms; the audible alarm can be switched off with the Acknowledge button. ÖWU is supplied with AC 230 V. The device is designed for wall mounting or for installation in control cabinets or panels via an optional mounting frame. ÖWU detects water, fuel oil EL, L, M, diesel oil and low-viscosity lubricating oil (group A III, formerly VbF), motor oil, gearbox oil, hydraulic oil, vegetable oil and transformer oil. In order to achieve maximum reliability, it is possible to connect AFRISO event reporting systems to the ÖWU water alarm. The operator is then immediately informed of alarms via text message SMS, telephone, e-mail or the internet and can respond quickly and efficiently. The unit allows for early detection of problems in storage rooms, manholes, drip pans, pumps, inspection ducts, etc. The AFRISO WATCHDOG water alarm unit ÖWU helps to keep incidents involving water-polluting substances from turning into ecological disasters.

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