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Afilias gewinnt “Excellence in Online Trust Award” der Online Trust Alliance

Auszeichnung für Exzellente Registry Services für DNSSEC und Anti-Abuse

(PresseBox) (Dublin/Irland, ) Afilias, führender Anbieter von Internet-Infrastrukturdiensten und Registry Provider der .INFO Domain, wurde mit dem Award für „Exzellente Registry Services 2010“ der Online Trust Alliance ausgezeichnet. Dieser wurde Afilias am Donnerstag, den 23. September bei den fünften jährlichen „Excellence in Online Trust Awards 2010“ in Washington für ihre innovative Führungsrolle in Bezug auf Online-Sicherheitskampagnen während der letzten Jahre überreicht.

Afilias’ cyber security initiatives included its pioneering Anti-Abuse Policy for the .INFO domain <> , which has helped .INFO to continuously score one of the lowest phishing uptimes for all generic top-level domains (TLDs). It also includes cross-industry collaboration initiatives which have helped suppress two of the largest cyber-gangs and incidents in the Internet’s history, Avalanche and Conficker. In addition, Afilias has worked to increase implementation of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC <> ), which is the only known protection against cache-poisoning and man-in-the-middle attacks.

“We appreciate the recognition of our work to enable a more trustworthy Internet and owe thanks to a very cooperative industry, including our domain name registrars who have been responsive in helping us address domain abuse,” said Ram Mohan, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Afilias. “We will continue to strengthen our anti-abuse program and will add DNSSEC protection to more than a dozen registries in the months ahead.”

The Online Trust Alliance specifically cited Afilias as exemplifying excellence in online trust “for the commitment to working with the registry community, ICANN, APWG and other organizations advancing DNSSEC and developing .ORG <> . Their development of tools successfully have helped to block over 2.5 million Conficker domains and aided anti-abuse policies, resulting in the suspension in over 100,000 abusive domains.”

“Afilias is committed to defeating abusive uses of domains and, since introducing our anti-abuse policy in 2008, we have demonstrated measurable results in fighting phishing, malware, and spam,” added Greg Aaron, Director of Domain Security for Afilias. “Collaboration with our registrars, the Anti-Phishing Working Group <> , law enforcement, and security vendors and researchers have helped make our efforts successful. This results-oriented approach and expertise sets our registry services apart.”

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