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Advantech Unveils Server-grade Motherboard with Dual Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 Series

Powerful Full-performance Computing Platform with Innovative PME Modular Design

(PresseBox) (Germering, ) Advantech, the global leading embedded platform and integration services provider, is today unveiling the new ASMB-920IR server-grade motherboard powered by Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 family technology. This new technology comprises 64-bit multi-core processors, PCI Express Gen 3 high speed communications, and DDR3 1600 registered high capacity memory. It is designed for high performance demands such as video processing and mission critical multi-task applications. ASMB-920IR is Advantech's first mainboard with flexible PME design, the "Powerful Modular Expansion" cards with various support options that allow PCI, PCI-X and PCI Express slots to flexibly plug into the main platform. With diverse PME options, the ASMB-920IR keeps upgrade costs under control while fulfilling multiple slot requirements in field applications. This Extended ATX board also meets SSI (Server System Infrastructure) EEB form factor baseboard mounting location specs, so customers can easily build system solutions using Advantech's or third party's server chassis.

Cutting-edge Technology for High-End Applications

"Advantech is committed to providing a full spectrum of embedded systems with advanced and intelligent built-in technology, from fanless and ruggedized to high-performance solutions," said Linda Tsai, Director of Advantech Embedded Systems Group. "In recent years diversification of industrial computer applications has been accompanied in many areas by a rapid elevation of system requirements. Advantech is transforming platforms to intelligent embedded systems by offering practical combinations to meet specific needs from application fields. As the booming markets of video processing that require high-end platforms without sacrificing power efficiency, such as automatic optical inspection machines, medical equipments, flight simulators, seek reliable hardware platforms, Advantech, as a Premier member of the Intel® Embbeded Alliance, develops the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 series-based platform as the best solution for these markets."

"The new Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 family significantly improves performance, memory, and bandwidth technology over the previous generation," explained Steve Price, director of marketing, Intel Communications Infrastructure Division. "This new platform is the first to offer an eight-core option and takes advantage of Intel's 32nm fabrication process to optimize power efficiency in a highly dense and powerful system. The new platform also features PCI Express 3.0 integrated on the die to boost performance, reduce latency and save power."

ASMB-920IR is an Extended ATX server board equipped with dual LGA 2011 Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 series and Intel® C600 series chipset. Its supports eight DDR3 (Quad Channel per processor) registered DIMM slots for 128 GB capacity, dual GbE LANs using Intel® controllers, two PCIe x16 links plus optional PME expansion slots. Other I/O support includes: up to eleven USB ports, two COM ports, and up to eight SAS or six SATA drives-composed of four SATA IIs and two SATA IIIs, which can achieve fast 3Gb/s for SAS and 6 Gb/s for SATA IIIs data access.

Powerful Modular Expansion Design

Powerful Modular Expansion (PME) is an optional module for the ASMB-920IR server board; it is exclusively designed based on Advantech's decades of industrial experience, and solves the challenges of reducing costs even when the mainboard is expected to support new applications. It allows versatile expansion options for up to three additional slots with PCI Express Gen3 high speed connections. Different vertical markets demand different expansion functions, from legacy cards used in traditional machines to advanced graphic applications, all can be fulfilled. PME is a plug-and-play mode and can be automatically selected in the BIOS without additional setting effort. For system integrators, inventory management is no longer a problem; flexible configurations allow them to concentrate on their businesses and solutions to customer requirements.

Industrial Benefits: Reliability and Manageability

In additional to high performance and PME flexibility features, ASMB-920IR also comes with high reliability and manageability, both for hardware and software. Unlike commercial server suppliers, Advantech has specific knowledge in the embedded domain that helps meet industrial needs. Because of SSI (Server System Infrastructure) compliance, ASMB-920IR is compatible with a standard chassis for easy assembly and maintenance. All components are industry-proven, and only solid capacitors are utilized, for high MTBF reliability. ASMB-920IR also has innovative thermal design. With its parallel placement of heatsink, memory slots, cabling and connectors on the board, airflow moves straight from front to back. This prevents components from overheating, lowers fan power consumption, and keeps the system quiet and power-efficient.

Just as with most of Advantech's server-grade IPC products, ASMB-920IR supports IPMI 2.0, which permits out-of-band and a cross-platform remote system update and recovery, as well as monitoring of temperature, voltage, fan status, etc. In case the system fails or encounters a blue screen or any errors, issues can be discovered and recovery actions such as system reset or power down can be conducted remotely. This helps system administrators maintain and troubleshoot systems easily, especially in unmanned environments.

3-5-7 and CTOS Services

All Advantech server-grade products, including this new ASMB-920IR serverboard, offer 3-5-7 Services as a long-term commitment to customers. 3-5-7 Services means: 3 levels of service, 5 years of extended warranty, and a 7-year product supply! For the 3 levels of service, if any customer has a system issue, Advantech supports a dedicated professional AE for 1st level trouble shooting; strict revision control and parts repair comprise the 2nd level of service; and flexible BIOS or mechanical customization support form the 3rd level of expert backup. Advantech also provides Configured to Order Service (CTOS) that enables flexible server system configuration with local services. ASMB-920IR can be integrated with an Advantech 2U or 4U/Tower IPC chassis to fulfill server applications requiring a high level of compatibility. Customer requirements for non-Windows operating systems such as Linux, QNX or Novell also can be fulfilled on request. Please contact your local Advantech sales office, or visit the website for more information.

ASMB-920IR Main Features

- Supports dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 with Intel® C600 chipset
- Quad Channel DDR3 ECC/Non-ECC 1600/1333/1066 Registered DIMM, Max 128 GB
- Basic model supports two PCIe x16 expansion slots
- Supports eight SAS /or six SATA Ports
- Supports Advantech PME (Powerful Modular Expansion) for increased expansion flexibility


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