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Advantech Offers 5 Year Warranty for Industrial Communication Product Line

(PresseBox) (Germering, ) Advantech expands warranty coverage to 5 years for Industrial Communication product lines, effective May 1st, 2012. Industrial Communication product lines include: Industrial Ethernet Switches, Wireless AP/CPE, Media Converters, Serial Device Servers, Cellular IP Gateways, Modbus Gateways, and Serial Communication Cards.

The new 5 year warranty affects all Industrial Communication products for shipments after May 1st from “Advantech worldwide”. Products shipped before May 1st, 2012 are NOT retroactively covered by the new extended 5 year warranty.

Duration and commencement of warranty period.
The warranty period shall commence on the invoice/shipment date. For industrial communication product lines the standard warranty period is five years parts and labor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Which products does this apply too?
A1: Industrial Communication product lines: Industrial Ethernet Switches and Media Converters (EKI-2000/4000/6000/7000 series), Wireless AP/CPE (EKI-6300 series), Serial Device Servers and Modbus Gateways (EKI-1000 series), Cellular IP Gateways (EKI-1300 series), and Serial Communication Cards (PCI-1600 series).

Q2: When does the new 5 year warranty start?
A2: The new policy of 5 year warranty is effective for shipments after May 1st from Advantech worldwide.

Q3: Is it applied retroactively?
A3: No. Products shipped before May 1st, 2012 are NOT retroactively covered.

Q4: Does this 5 year warranty cover existing orders?
A4: The warranty valid period is based on the product shipping date. If the shipping date is after May 1st, the 5 year warranty policy is applicable.


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