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1000°ePaper on the Business Marketplace of Deutsche Telekom

April 2013

(PresseBox) (Leipzig, ) 1000°ePaper on the Business Marketplace is the ideal solution for those who want to enrich their publication for the web. Static PDF documents become vibrant multimedia experiences for the reader - regardless of the device. Innovative software created by the Leipzig think tank 1000°DIGITAL facilitates the integration of video and additional links to the original documents, such as magazines, catalogs and flyers.
1000°ePaper helps you to turn simple documents into small applications:

· Flyers become multimedia microsites incorporating video and ordering
· a catalogue printing template will become an online shop
· via interactive advertisements magazine readers can go directly to the advertiser’s product

For the reader, there is an intuitive user experience and in production, it is both simple and inexpensive (package “5 ePaper”: 17,95 EUR per month): Upload existing PDF files, add links or video and publish in the cloud. The automatically generated ePaper Weblink integrates seamlessly into the company's own site and sharing on social networks is easy.
“Since 2002, we have been a strategic supplier to Deutsche Telekom AG implementing highly specialized solutions for corporate communication. Through this new partnership in the business Marketplace 1000°DIGITAL has gained additional access to a really strong marketing and sales channel. This partnership helps us to focus on our core business - the development of our software products. At the same time we are helping Deutsche Telekom to expand their product range.” said Mark Busse, CEO of 1000°DIGITAL GmbH.

Press contact:
Mark Busse
Lampestr. 2
04107 Leipzig
Telefon: 0341 96382-14

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About 1000°DIGITAL

1000°DIGITAL has developed enterprise communications solutions since 2000 and is one of the leading providers of e-paper systems in the German market. The agency, with its headquarters in Leipzig, was founded in 1995 and currently employs around 20 people.
The products support specific communication tasks: interactive documents with 1000°ePaper, web-2-print with 1000°ePrint, anonymous tips and suggestions with the 1000°SuggestionBox, reorganization of projects with 1000°Reorganisation.
The development of the products is determined by close cooperation with the customers, including Ernst Klett Verlag, STILL GmbH, Delius Klasing Verlag, Oemus Media AG and Deutsche Telekom AG.
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