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MARKATOR® presents compact, electropneumatic benchtop marker with integrated control unit

FlyMarker® mini 120/100 STATION
FlyMarker® mini 120/100 STATION

(pressebox) (Ludwigsburg, 30.10.2019) The new, compact benchtop marking system FlyMarker® mini 120/100 STATION is the perfect addition to the already proven FlyMarker® mini series. The dot peen marking system is an all-in-one device, which means that the control unit is directly integrated in the housing. Due to the electromagnetic driven marking pin, no compressed air supply is needed.

Besides the attractive price-performance-ratio, the marking system convinces due to its easy handling. The benchtop marking system must only be set on the work surface and be connected to the power supply – now the work can already start.

The large marking area of 120x100 mm is equipped with a switchable LED-lighting, which makes the adjustment of the workpieces to be marked very easy. Due to the integrated, high-quality guiding systems, highest stability and with this a very precise marking result can be guaranteed.

In addition to the standard fonts in the 9x13- and 5x7 grid, logos and Data Matrix codes can be marked optionally. The marking force can be adjusted individually depending on the material to be marked. Due to the automatic height tolerance compensation of up to 5mm, a constant marking depth can be guaranteed, also when marking uneven work pieces. Nearly all materials can be marked – from plastics, aluminum, stainless steel up to hardened steel.

The input of the marking file can be done either via an USB-keyboard or optionally via a capacitive touchscreen. The input screen is integrated directly on the marking head – no further screens or control units are necessary.

For the data transfer an USB-A, an USB-B and an Ethernet-interface are available. The integrated software is similar to the software of the proven FlyMarker® battery operated marking systems and can be used intuitively and without any programming skills.

Latest processor technologies allow fast and smooth navigation and quick access times to the marking files. Several language versions of the software are available. The internal memory of the dot peen marking system offers space for several hundreds of marking files, fonts and logos. The files can be imported and exported very easy via the USB-interfaces on the marking device.

The electronic cables run inside a cable track and the whole electronic is protected from pollution. This minimizes the wear in a workshop environment enormously.

Thanks to the lever movement of the release handle, work pieces can be exchanged very fast and easy, without the need to adjust the marking pin distance each time.  Using the laser pointer which is integrated on the benchtop marking system, the marking process can be simulated directly on the work piece and with this incorrect markings can be avoided.

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