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Mobile dot peen marker - Ideal for the marking of flanges and big work pieces

Suppliers from the oil and gas industry save time and increase the work safety
Mobile dot peen marker - Ideal for the marking of flanges and big work pieces
Mobile dot peen marker - Ideal for the marking of flanges and big work pieces

(pressebox) (Ludwigsburg, 30.01.2018) In the past, work pieces have been marked using hand stamps which has meant a high risk of injury for the employees. These days many suppliers from the oil and gas industry mark their components using the mobile, battery operated hand-held marking system FlyMarker®. This saves time and manpower of the employees and increases the working safety.

The great strain of the employees, who were punching the hand stamps into the material several hours a day, using a hammer of up to 3 kg weight, was reflected in a high number of medical leaves. Next to injuries caused by the hammer itself, reports about tenosynovitis and carpal tunnel syndromes were increasing. An alternative solution to mark the work pieces durable was required and was found in the hand-held marking system FlyMarker®.

The work with the portable dot peen marking unit FlyMarker® simplifies the marking of the work pieces significant. The battery operated and with this mobile hand-held marking unit can be brought directly to the big and unmovable work pieces and the marking can be achieved at the push of the release button.   

Next to the almost zero number of injuries and the effortless work for the employees, also the time saving should not be underestimated. Operators reported a reduction of the marking time to one quarter of their normal marking times.

Some of the abroad customers of MARKATOR® also told, that their health insurances or other insurances were participating in the acquisition costs of the mobile dot peen marker.

Medical expenses in a five-figure amount per year were offset by these acquisition costs.

The battery operated hand-held marking system FlyMarker® enables a flexible, automated data input and an economic and fast marking. An enormous time saving can be achieved when marking several lines, different character heights and changing information. Several hundred logos and marking files can be saved directly on the internal memory storage of the system.

The character strings or logos which need to be marked can either be programmed directly on the marking unit or can be transferred via an electronic interface (USB, Ethernet) onto the marking unit. Substitutes like for example an auto numbering can also be inserted.

The marking itself is characterized by a high-quality marking result and constant marking depths. Due the preview function of the software, wrong markings can be avoided.

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