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Daniel D. Gajski has been conferred with the EDA-Award 2017 by edacentrum

For his lifetime contributions
Prof. Daniel D. Gajski
Prof. Daniel D. Gajski

(pressebox) (Irvine, CA, 14.11.2017) In recognition of his outstanding lifetime contributions and achievements in research, development, and application in the domain of Electronic Design Automation (EDA), edacentrum confers the first edacentrum EDA Contribution Award to Prof. Daniel D. Gajski on November 12th ,2017.

Daniel D. Gajski is one of the most influential scientists in EDA with more than 40 years of intensive engagement in industry and academia. He developed principles for structured design of electronic systems, implemented these principles by means of languages and tools, and proved their wide industrial applicability.

The “Y-Chart” is likely one of the most cited illustrations in electronic system design. It structures the design space and locates design states, processes, tasks and tools. Wolfgang Nebel, vice chairman of edacentrum handed out the award and emphasized "with the „Y“-chart Prof. Gajski gave the EDA-community a coordinate system for complex electronic systems which enabled their structured design, cooperation and the development of supporting tools.“ Furthermore Professor Gajski is a gifted academic teacher who authored numerous textbooks on design principles from “Silicon Compilation” to “Embedded System Design”. These books have one common distinctive characteristic: Gajski explains complex topics in a clear and understandable way by concentrating on comprehensive kernels.

edacentrum honors Danial D. Gajski for his outstanding contributions and for his continuous and strong support of European activities like EDTC, EuroDAC, and DATE. And it honors a very special personality and friend with an always open heart and open house for young international students and scientists. He often hosted and paved their path to their own academic or industrial careers. In appreciation he was conferred the Honorary Doctorate degree by Oldenburg University in 2006 and the 2010 EDAA Lifetime Achievement Award.


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Über edacentrum e.V.: The edacentrum is an independent institution dedicated to the promotion of research and development in the area of EDA, both in the classical sense of “Electronic Design Automation” and in the sense of "Electronics, Design and Applications" along the whole value chain. Founded by the German microelectronics industry, it was funded during its early years by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The primary role of edacentrum is to initiate, evaluate and supervise industry-driven R&D projects, and to offer a wide range of services to support all matters concerning EDA development and in particular project management for R&D projects. Moreover, by encouraging EDA cluster research projects and by providing a comprehensive network and communication platforms for the EDA community, edacentrum brings together and reinforces the EDA expertise of universities and research institutes.

The edacentrum seeks to increase awareness among upper management, the public and the political arena, of the critical importance of design capability and automation as a central solution for the implementation of microelectronics innovations in the applications and products of the future.

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