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Christian Hebich new Group CEO of Arcondis

Christian Hebich new Group CEO of Arcondis
Christian Hebich new Group CEO of Arcondis

(pressebox) (Allschwil BL, 11.07.2023) Arcondis Group, a global management consulting firm that specialises in the life sciences and healthcare industry, has announced the appointment of Christian Hebich as its new Group CEO, effective immediately. With this appointment the firm is well positioned for growth, continuing to deliver exceptional value to its clients.

Christian Hebich has extensive senior management experience in various focus areas, including corporate strategy, finance, R&D, operations and digital transformation. His experience in delivering patient-centric solutions at scale to global markets will benefit Arcondis as it supports the company’s strategy to move towards global expansion and improving the effectiveness of various healthcare systems.

Founder of Arcondis and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Christian Baumgartner: “We are delighted to welcome Christian Hebich as our new Group CEO. He is the perfect candidate to lead Arcondis jointly with the team into a new, successful chapter. Christian is a truly transformational leader who creates a culture that fosters innovation and boosts productivity, allowing people to thrive. He is a proven leader in the healthcare industry, and his broad experience will be invaluable to our company. His appointment comes at a time of great growth and expansion for Arcondis, and we are confident that he will lead us to even greater success and maturity.”

The new Group CEO Christian Hebich: “I am very impressed by the Arcondis culture. Not only at a professional level, but also in day-to-day interactions. It is my aim to build on this foundation to accelerate innovation, boost productivity and help people to excel and thrive. I feel privileged to take on this opportunity as Group CEO to influence and collectively drive our strategy into action and develop Arcondis to the next level.”

About Christian Hebich 

Christian Hebich was born in 1967. He holds a master's degree in finance and business administration from the University of Mannheim, Germany. Christian started his career in 1993 in a management start-up program at the Boehringer Mannheim Group, a company later acquired by Roche. He held many different leadership roles during his 30 years with Roche, covering internal audit, treasury, finance, informatics, general management, operations, engineering and site management. In his previous role at Roche Diagnostics, he led one of the global business areas, focused on the development of complex automation solutions and digital products for professional and PoC laboratories and was part of the global executive leadership team.


Herr Mark Dangel
Zuständigkeitsbereich: Managing Director Germany

Herr Stefan Müller
Zuständigkeitsbereich: Managing Director Switzerland

Über Arcondis: Arcondis is a global consulting company with an exclusive focus on the healthcare and life science industries. Established in 2001, Arcondis helps clients navigate complex challenges in compliance, business processes, information technology and digital transformation. Arcondis has offices in Europe, North America and APAC. We make healthcare better!

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