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Worldwide automobile production without China has been stagnating for eight years - new Quest report

, Fahrzeugbau / Automotive

After the last but one world economic crisis 2000/2001 the car production in the Welt and in particular in China developed still essentially...

Dynamic Growth of Robots’ Use at Machines until 2018 - New Quest Study

, Elektrotechnik

The use of robots at the machines will substantially be expanded in the German machinery industry until 2018. For this growth the machine-builders...

New Tendencies in the Internationalization of Automobile Production - New Quest Reports

, Fahrzeugbau / Automotive

The worldwide ten largest car manufacturers are according to the current denominations of the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles,...

Automobile Production in Germany May Overcome in 2015 The Current Sideways Range Only to Glide into a New One – New Quest Report

, Fahrzeugbau / Automotive

In March 2015 production achieved with 141.3 index points (denominations of the Federal Statistical Office) highest value since the beginning...

Machinery industry in the first half-year 2015: Annual high in June against the backdrop of stagnating production and rising sales - new Quest report

, Maschinenbau

Production of machines achieved its annual high in June 2015 so far with 123.3 index points lying clearly over the moving one-year average value...

More than two thirds of all packaging machines in the European Union coming from Germany and Italy - new Quest report

, Maschinenbau

Packaging machines may be subdivided into three product segments, i.e. cleaning machines, fill and sealing machines as well as outer packaging...

Trend to value-added packaging machines with declining production - new Quest report

, Maschinenbau

Since 2012 the production of packaging machines has been developing below, with sales above average compared to the entire machinery industry....

Gli utilizzatori dell'industria meccanica sono soddisfatti con IO-Link, da qui al 2016 si prevede una forte espansione

, Elektrotechnik

Nel 2007 solo l'1% dei costruttori di macchine utilizzava IO-Link, a fine 2013 la percentuale era già salita al 13%. Entro il 2016 prevede di...

La quota di mercato delle macchine meccatroniche nell’industria meccanica tedesca

, Maschinenbau

La meccatronica individua la stretta correlazione tra meccanica, elettrotecnica e Information Technology che caratterizza una macchina. Il...

Production and Sales of German Machinery Industry Will Remain Caught in Their Sideways Range in 2015 – New Quest Report

, Maschinenbau

Even the fact that production had exceeded its pre-crisis level in December 2014 for the first time, did not overcome the sideways range because...

German machine exports to the USA again higher than to China for the first time since the world economic crisis - new Quest report

, Maschinenbau

After the world economic crisis the export shares of German machines to the European Union dropped from 52% to 44%, to the USA from scarcely...

L’utilizzo di software applicati all’ingegneria meccanica come elemento distintivo

, Maschinenbau

L’indagine è stata condotta tra varie aziende produttrici del settore che hanno valutato l’efficacia dell’applicazione di soluzioni software...

Crisis indicator in German machinery industry above pre-crisis level for the first time – new Quest report

, Maschinenbau

The machine-builders have been hard struggling to overcome the impact of the world economic crisis. The report uses the turnover per employee...

Automobile production in Germany rebounded from its peak and the outlook

, Fahrzeugbau / Automotive

In March 2015 automobile production reached with 136.4 index points its peak since the outbreak of the world economic crisis according to data...

The dramatic internationalization of automobile production – new Quest report

, Fahrzeugbau / Automotive

Meanwhile each third VOLKSWAGEN rolls from the assembly belts in China, only each fourth in Germany. Also GM produces more cars in China than...


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