Professional service from a single source

Our services at a glance

Press Service

Reach more than 1.4 million journalists, opinion makers and specialized experts worldwide with PresseBox


Do not miss any reports about your company, your products, your customers, the market or your competitors

Editorial Service

Professional editors present even complex processes in a precise and clear language

Everything from a single source

The clever all-in-one solution for your PR

Guaranteed Publications

Within our media and partner network, your articles will be published and goal-orientedly distributed

Free Publishing Service

You do not have to worry about anything –  our publishing service takes care of the publication of your press releases

Realtime Success Statistics

Detailed success evaluation including market and competitor analysis as well as a self comparison. With PresseBox you are always up to date concerning your numbers

Unlimited data flat rate

Optimize your content – storage space for pictures, documents and videos are provided for you without limits

Personal contact person

Your personal PR-experts are happy to assist you in case of any questions or wishes

Social Media Push

Due to the integrated social media push, you can distribute your articles via facebook, twitter, google etc. in no time


Reach the markets of your choice and secure yourself a worldwide distribution list with more than 1.4 million accredited journalists

Exclusive Partners

Due to exclusive partnerships we provide you with an even greater reach including technology oriented platforms and additional features such as DowJones or Mecom Media satellite

Google News

Because of a longstanding cooperation, we can offer top listings and publication in Google News

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to give you our answers to frequently asked questions in advance

Who can I turn to in case of questions or wishes?

If you have questions concerning PresseBox service or our modules, you can always reach us via +49 (721) 987793-19 or via e-mail We are always happy to assist you as best as we can.

Are there limitations concerning the distribution?

PresseBox serves you with an unlimited data flat rate for every solution: The length of the articles and the number of attachments (pictures, documents, videos) are not restricted. A service, which gives you budget security! With regard to the number of your press releases, you can choose from ticket solutions and flat rate solutions. If you decide for a flat rate solution you are free from price per article and pay only an annual fee.

How can I measure the achieved effect and which publications are there?

Included in our service is a publication confirmation after distributing your news. In addition, you get a clear success evaluation. All customers see in their own MyBox – a personal management tool – how often journalists and interested professionals clicked on the article. The possibility to compare one’s own clicks with competitors is also given. The “Media Monitor” provides you with first indications concerning possible publications.

In order to document completely the achieved response, you receive as supplementary module a monitoring solution: Monitoring 2.0!

How many visitors access

Every month more than 460.000 visits on average. With 805.350 press releases in 33.567 press folders, PresseBox secures top listings in leading search engines as well as the best possible perception and reach for all news.

Is it possible to address and reach potential customers directly?

As leading press service since 2002, PresseBox has constantly developed further its products and services. This progress evolves always according to changing expectations and particularly with regard to advancing technological possibilities. With more than 16.000 accredited, specialized interested professionals (decision-makers and managers) you reach potential new customers daily via e-mail.

Are there content and social media partners?

PresseBox works with a great amount of different partners. In this overview you find further relevant information

  1. Partner network
  2. Premium Partner network
  3. Social Media Partner
So far we do not have our own PR – is this a criterion for exclusion?

Why do without attention? PresseBox offers ideal conditions. A lot of companies underestimate their potential for topics. Trade fairs, success stories, events, etc. are ideal starting points. Moreover, you can benefit from our editors’ many years of experience. Together we identify worthwhile topics and, after a short briefing we quickly write your text and, in the end, provide you with a professional press release – ready to be published!

What is the difference between providers of free press services and PresseBox?

Professional corporate communications and SEO at zero cost? At first sight, free online news portals seem to be the solution. However, by having a closer look, there are decisive range-differences as well as, for instance, undesired ads or service-compromises. Journalists seldom research actively in free press portals. Moreover, SEO-experts advice against “cloned” news (duplicate content) and recommend the recurring publication of new topics as well as the cooperation with few, selected news-partners – that’s the way it works out with Google, too.

PresseBox offers a free trial service. Your advantages: Specialized portal for technology & industry, 100% ad-free, long-lasting presentation on a portal with high range and free publishing service. Easy switch to an all-inclusive service with target-group-oriented distribution, premium newsroom and real-time success statistics.

What is PresseBox?

PresseBox is a specialized press service for the technology and industry sector. Since our foundation in 2002 we offer everything you need for high-quality, digital corporate communications in the business-to-business segment (B2B).

Journalists as well as interested professionals from an economy and technology background appreciate PresseBox as comprehensive research source. Entrepreneurs and PR professionals benefit from new possibilities to generate awareness in an effective and measurable manner. Do you know your personal advantages with PresseBox? Arrange now a non-binding online presentation via: + 49 721 937798-19.

Why do journalists use PresseBox?

Next to its advantages for SEO and marketing, PresseBox is a press service for journalists. While registering, journalists set up a personal profile depending on their interests. According to this profile they are notified daily about relevant news via E-Mail.

How long will my articles be online?

Every news published on PresseBox is permanently archived and is available for download anytime. Upon request, selected content can be deleted.

Can I integrate pictures and videos?

Yes. Pictures and videos are eye-catcher and convey valuable additional information. In order to use these advantages, this service is completely free of charge. We recommend a high resolution of 300 dpi.

I am too busy to use an external service, what now?

With PresseBox you have an all-in-one solution with the aim to relieve you. The offered modules range from writing and publishing your news to the supply of a complete press distribution list and a success evaluation. There is no need for software, since all features are available online.

Free publishing service
Every customer can use the free publishing service for all contents: simply add our e-mail-address to your mailing list or send us the texts, data or desired changes to this address. Our data service will realize the corrections quickly and consider any non-disclosure notice.

Is it possible to have my press releases written?

Yes. Do you want to try a different style? Is there not enough time or lack of professional resources? We offer texts at a high journalistic level that are also search engine optimized with regard to word choice and structure! We are happy to provide you with an individual offer. Please send your inquiry to

Do I receive recalculations or are there any hidden costs?

No. With PresseBox you get exclusively a PR solution that does not generate any additional costs. There are no hidden costs or recalculations based on the transgression of service limits or similar. By using PresseBox you receive an unlimited data flat rate: text length, number of attachments (pictures, documents, videos) are not restricted. A service, which gives you budget security!

Do I receive statistics concerning the distribution of my articles?

For each distribution you receive a comprehensive success evaluation that consists of the number of clicks your news received. This analysis even separates clicks by accredited journalists from clicks by interested professionals. Furthermore, all clicks you received on your newsroom are made available by a scalable timeline.

Moreover, you receive information about how your press release has developed compared to news of the same topic or to news of your competition. Furthermore, you can analyze how successful your headline was. Thereby, you receive valuable information with which you can optimize your PR constantly.
In order to be notified about publications with reference to your company, our extensive web and social media monitoring is complimentary available for you.

How can I publish news on PresseBox?

With the free PresseBox data service, publishing your articles is easy to do. Just send us the text with the relevant information to or upload it via the upload mask. Our team verifies the quality, chooses the suitable thematic environment and takes care of the professional layout. Secure your free access now!

I have a regional / international focus – what does PresseBox offer in this case?

Companies with their target market in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, as well as regional or international focused enterprises find the perfect solution with PresseBox. This is due to the customized media list based on our comprehensive network consisting of 1.4 million press contacts. Since also regional solutions are mainly researched online, another contribution by PresseBox is to bring potential customers and interested individuals directly on to your own website, your shop or twitter channel. Are you interested? Simply request a media list for viewing.

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