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Q110 keeps visitors up to date with a virtual display window

(PresseBox) (Paderborn, ) "Q110 - The Deutsche Bank of the Future" and Wincor Nixdorf, a provider of IT solutions for process optimization in retail banking, are today presenting an interactive "virtual display window," which will provide customers with targeted information on the financial products and services offered by the bank. This innovative digital signage solution features cuttingedge technology, and is the epitome of networked audiovisual information. In league with other innovations - such as the "Pension information app" for iPads that also made its premiere in Q110 - digital signage helps keep customers abreast of the bank's product range, and represents a surprisingly easy way for them to access key financial topics.

And this is what the virtual display window in Q110 looks like: three display screens, each with a diameter of up to 80 inches, are lined up side by side. By touching the central screen, users can quickly and conveniently select the information they want. They can also have Internet links with additional information automatically sent to their smartphones or cell phones, making this novel medium not only interactive, but also multichannelcapable.

Frank-Rainer Nitschke, in charge of Customer Banking Experience & Processes for private and corporate customers at Deutsche Bank, puts it like this: "Q110 is an innovative way of making banking a tangible experience for customers, and digital signage is an excellent example of this. This new application acts as a magnet for visitors, boasts a customeroriented design, and can, if the customer wishes, act as a bridge to a oneonone talk with a customer advisor."

In its capacity as the innovation partner of "Q110 - The Deutsche Bank of the Future," Wincor Nixdorf honed the digital signage solution especially for use in the branch of the future in Berlin. As Stefan Auerbach, Executive Vice President Banking at Wincor Nixdorf, comments: "Digital signage reinforces brand communication, gets customers interested, and channels their curiosity. By allowing customers to actively select the information content they want, digital signage helps make their visit to the branch - and a potential talk with an advisor - into an entirely new experience."

The integration of digital signage solutions in bank branches is an integral part of Wincor Nixdorf's Win@Branch offering, which comprises all the services in the lifecycle of a bank branch - from design right through to daytoday operations. Within the Q110 project, Wincor Nixdorf plays the part of system integrator for the innovative solutions, and is also responsible for reporting feedback on the effectiveness of the multimedia application. For focused customer address, the company continues to offer a 1:1 marketing software package (PC/E Direct Marketing), which allows banks to launch and manage their campaigns simultaneously across different delivery channels such as selfservice, cell phones, or the Internet.

About "Q110 - The Deutsche Bank of the Future": Q110 offers not only an integrated lounge and catering service, but also a socalled Trend Shop filled with attractive products. The 1,260 m² investment and finance center has 36 employees, whose tasks include not only customer consulting and service, but also staffing the Q110 lounge and Trend Shop. The branch is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (on Wednesdays till 6:00 p.m.). Investment and finance centers along the lines of the Berlin branch are also in operation in Munich, Augsburg, Karlsruhe, Aachen, and Wuppertal, but the same fundamental design featuring Q110 elements can be found at a number of other locations. The dialog counter, for instance, already awaits customers in around 110 investment and finance centers, the lounge will be available in 250 cities starting fall 2010, and the interactive display will soon grace 40 locations.

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