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Productivity, quality and energy efficiency distinguish the Trützschler products at ITMA 2007

(PresseBox) (Moenchengladbach, ) Trützschler’s market leadership in the area of spinning preparation is impressively demonstrated on 1400 m². Blow room innovations, new cards, new draw frames and a new comber will be exhibited. Trützschler Card Clothing also shows a number of interesting new products and services.

Maximum performance – compact and efficient

Trützschler will live up to its motto “specialist from bale to sliver” also at ITMA 2007. The entire blow room has been re-engineered. As of immediately, New at ITMA production rates of 2000 kg/h are possible. More specifically, this means:

- 1000 kg/h with one material, via a blow room with one cleaner
- 2000 kg/h with one material, via Automatic Bale Opener and two parallel cleaning lines
- 1600 kg/h with two materials, via Automatic Bale Opener und two parallel cleaning lines

Naturally, the blow room is and remains compact in the process. It consists of only four components, partly with multifunctional design.

1. Automatic Bale Opener BLENDOMAT BO-A

Its two rolls enable the Trützschler Bale Opener BLENDOMAT to achieve on the one hand high production rates and on the other a gentler operation. These rolls must not operate at such high speed. The result is an ideal tuft size for the subsequent cleaning process.

2. Multi Function Separator SP-MF

The Multi Function Separator SP-MF is also unique in its versatility.

- Suction of BLENDOMAT and supply of next machine
- Heavy parts separation
- Metal detection and separation
- Fire control with spark detection, separation and extinguishing
- Dedusting
- Re-feeding of opened sliver waste Due to the demand-dependent control, the fan operates only at the speed necessary at the particular time. This saves electrical energy and filter capacity.

The Multi Function Separator uses the same transport air, which it needs for the suction of the BLENDOMAT, a second time for the supply of the mixer. This saves 6000 m³/h filter capacity.

3. Mixer-Cleaner Combination

Today, it is impossible to imagine a modern cleaning line without the combination of mixer and cleaner. The mixer produces a very even tuft web. This is ideal to optimally utilise the cleaning potential of the respective cleaner from the CLEANOMAT series.

4. Foreign Part Separator New at ITMA

The Trützschler Foreign Part Separator is worldwide unique in detection and separation of Polypropylene Parts. With targeted separation of foils and polypropylene parts via Foreign Part Separator SP-FP, the customer can lower claim costs.

Trützschler cards – customised for various applications

Today, the Trützschler TC 03 is the most successful card worldwide. It is applied in all areas of short fibre processing. The experiences of the last years have shown us that it makes sense to precisely optimise the machine, according to application. The result is a maximum carding quality. These experiences with fine tuning have led to the development of a new card family:

1. Trützschler Card TC 07 –
The top card for all high production applications New at ITMA

This card is especially designed for applications with high production output. Production rates up to 200 kg/h or more are safely managed. Thus, the machine is also suitable for coupling to the Integrated Draw Frame IDF, and is in general advisable for the OE sector.

The new development, the Setting Optimiser T-Con, New at ITMA is part of the standard equipment of this card. This also applies to the use of particularly wearresistant clothings and a needle roll in WEBFEED with ten-fold durability compared to metallic wires.

2. Trützschler Card TC 07-S –
The special card for man-made fibre processing New at ITMA

During carding of man-made fibres, the cleaning function of the card takes the back seat to gentle fibre opening. This must not impair the crimping of fibres.
Hence, it is practical to modify the card for processing of man-made fibres. The TC 07-S is such a special card. On this machine, the most important changes are as follows:

- The fibre-carrying parts are made of stainless steel. This reduces the fibremetal friction and prevents the deposit of reviving agents, and electrostatic charge.
- More carding segments and less cleaning elements in the pre- and postcarding area.
- Special clothing for man-made fibres on the first roll of the WEBFEED system.
- Clothing set for man-made fibres
- Sliver deflection roller instead of bow for the processing of fibres with low fibre-fibre friction.

3. Trützschler Card TC 06 –
The top card for combed and finely carded ring yarns New at ITMA

Today, moderate production rates are also increasingly used for carding the delicate medium and long staple cottons for the production of combed ring yarns. To accomplish this, a card for 200 kg/h is not necessary. Such a machine, for instance, can not perform at optimal efficiency in the range below 80 kg/h.

Hence, Trützschler provides a special card for this application, the TC 06. The equipment of this card is geared toward a high card sliver quality, without compromises. Here the Setting Optimiser T-Con is as much part of the standard features as is the top quality equipment of the MULTI WEBCLEAN system.
However, the drives - for instance - are smaller and thus more energy-efficient dimensioned, since they must not be designed for 400 m/min delivery speed.

All cards on the Trützschler stand are equipped with the MAGNOTOP system New at ITMA. This in-house development by Trützschler is a new, revolutionary and patented fastening system for flat tops. The system does without the previously common clips, and requires no flats workshop. The flat tops are fastened by means of magnets.

Three specialised draw frames for the three primary applications

The Trützschler Draw Frame TD 03, with its groundbreaking design, is unique on the market. However, our own experiences, as well as our customers’ suggestions have made us aware that there still exists optimising potential through differentiation according to application spectrum. Therefore, we have developed specifically designed draw frame variants.

1. Trützschler Autoleveller Draw Frame TD 03

This universal autoleveller draw frame has been designed for all applications that require delivery speeds above 600 m/min. Even if the future applications have not been determined yet, and a maximum flexibility is sought-after, the TD 03 is first choice.

2. Trützschler Autoleveller Draw Frame TD- 600 New at ITMA

The variant TD-600 has been especially developed for application after the comber. This machine is limited to 600 m/min delivery speed on the drive side. This means that the installed power is reduced by 3 kW. This limitation of the delivery speed provided us also with the opportunity to optimise the levelling behaviour in the range of the typical applications, i.e. in the 400-550 m/min range.

3. Trützschler Draw Frame TD 02 New at ITMA

The new draw frame TD 02 without levelling saves more space than any other draw frame known so far, and lowers operating costs by an optimal energy-related design.

The drafting system has been placed directly onto the can changer. Hence, the draw frame requires no more space than a can changer.

Trützschler Combing New at ITMA

The Comber TCO 1 is a new development and achieves up to 500 nips/min. The Superlap TSL 1 supplies 5 – 8 combers with high-quality laps. Trützschler offers now with blow room machines, cards, draw frames, and the comber they receive the spinning preparation equipment entirely from one source.

Technology and Service….
…. this is the motto, Trützschler Card Clothing presents itself at ITMA 2007.

The demands on high performance wires are constantly increasing. Therefore the goals of the Trützschler wire development are to obtain better fibre protection, improved yarn quality, nep reduction as well as continuous improvement of the lifetime. At ITMA 2007 Trützschler Card Clothing presents a set of card clothing for finest combed yarns as well as the new steel quality "Novostar plus".
New at ITMA

The result of a common development with the mother company Trützschler is a revolutionary method of fixation of flat tops, the so-called MAGNOTOP system.
New at ITMA. This new flat top system has an enormous cost-saving potential for spinning mills as investments in machinery and space for a workshop do not apply.

Also in the nonwoven sector with its constantly increasing variety of applications, new wire geometries and possibilities of surface treatment have been developed. In order to minimize downtimes of nonwoven installations, the term service and a customer-specific stockkeeping become more and more important.
For this reason, Trützschler presents to its nonwoven customers a new concept by introducing "Service 7/24". This emergency service guarantees professional troubleshooting round the clock.

In the field of service equipment and machinery, Trützschler Card Clothing has advanced the development of its winding equipment. At ITMA Trützschler Card Clothing presents the "T-Winder". The "T-Winder" is a winding arm which is distinctly more stable than the previous models. It is designed to permanently display the actual winding tension. The "T-Winder" can be used for all types of cards and nonwoven cards as well as for all wire types.

During the last years, Trützschler has expanded its activities in the nonwovens industry by the acquisition of Fleissner GmbH, and shares in ERKO Trützschler GmbH. In this regard, we refer to the Fleissner stand (1.100 m²) in hall 3 and, directly across it, to the Erko Trützschler stand (400 m²).

Erko Trützschler shows many technologies in the automotive area and the new Needle machine ENL-D1 New at ITMA. Fleissner exhibits the new aqua jet for the production of a composite made of electro-spun web for premium apparel products. In addition, a brand new entangling method - steam needling - is presented for the first time. New at ITMA