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ttec brings Cray supercomputing workstations to Belgium

The partnership will be presented at the International Supercomputing Conference

(PresseBox) (Zaventem, ) Today, transtec AG, parent company of ttec, will seal a European partnership with Cray at the International Supercomputing Conference ISC in Hamburg. The High Performance Computing specialist, is thus the only large German supplier to bring the global market and technological leader in supercomputing onto the European market. ttec has added the CRAY CX1 supercomputing workstation to its portfolio and will be supplying its customers with systems ready for immediate use. High Performance Computing thus becomes accessible for typical workstation workplaces. The Cray CX1 systems are immediately available from ttec.

Supercomputing is moving out of the computing centres

With approximately 400 installed clusters, the transtec group has made a name for itself as a developer of High Performance Computing solutions for research and development departments in industry, in universities and in scientific institutions. As a partner to Cray, transtec AG has further improved its profile. With its CRAY CX1 systems, which are ready for immediate use, it enables entry to supercomputing for companies and institutions who could not make the financial and human resources available which are required for previous High Performance Computing infrastructure. The transtec HPC solutions are based on CRAY CX1 systems, which are designed as blade systems. Depending on the application and the particular needs, storage, CPU and GPU blades can be combined. With a form factor only slightly over desktop size (near desktop), HPC systems fit under every desk and can be managed with a minimum of effort. For its 30th anniversary, transtec is thus again proving to be the motor to introduce highend technologies into the working conditions of mediumsized enterprises.

High performance for little effort

CRAY CX1 systems are ideally suited for the quick and reliable analysis and display of large amounts of data such as arise in CAD or CAM engineering, or in the field of financial analysis. The productivity of the processes is significantly increased. To make entry into this field as easy as possible, ttec offers applicationspecific supercomputing bundles based, as required, on Windows or Linux. Dr. Oliver Tennert, Director Marketing & HPC Solutions at transtec Group, said: "Owing to the costs involved, for many engineers and data analysts, the use of HPC technology was previously just a dream. ttec can now make this dream come true. In our transtec bundles, the peak performance as far as computing power is concerned is complemented by its ease of use. After all, every CRAY CX1 which we install for a customer includes the complete know how of our HPC experts. Once the computer is installed on site, it can immediately go into operation. This is how ttec turns high performance into high productivity."

Premiere at the International Supercomputing Conference

Hans-Jürgen Bahde, Executive Board Member at transtec AG, and Ulla Thiel, Vice President for Cray Europe, officially present their partnership at the ISC. Ulla Thiel said: "transtec AG has a very good reputation as an extremely competent technical consultant, especially with mediumsized enterprises. This makes transtec an ideal partner for us to supply the German and European market. We can only profit from transtec's knowledge of the market and their marketing know how and we look forward to working together with an extremely well motivated team."

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ttec Computers B.V.B.A. in Zaventem was established as a subsidiary of transtec AG in 1999. Quoted on the stock exchange, transtec AG has had its headquarters in Tübingen (Germany) since 1980. transtec AG has developed into a successful IT solutions provider specialising in virtualisation, HPC and IT infrastructures. The company's key areas of expertise lie in the evaluation, development and implementation of customised products and concepts. transtec IT solutions are designed to the "engineeredtoorder" principle and customised to individual requirements. Companies and public institutes can profit from over 30 years' experience of this IT specialist. transtec AG has its own subsidiaries in Belgium, France, the UK, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. In 2009, transtec's 134 employees made a turnover of approximately 40 million euros.