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transtec presents new workstations for graphics applications

transtec Graphics Workstation 2300 with the latest Intel Processor Platform

(PresseBox) (Banbury, Oxfordshire, ) transtec has launched the new transtec Graphics Workstations 2300. It is a highperformance working platform based on the latest technology designed for users from the following sectors: computeraided design and engineering, professional image processing as well as visualising and modelling scientific data. The transtec Graphics Workstation 2300 can be configured with up to two Intel Xeon Processors from the 5600 or 5500 series. A maximum of 96 Gigabytes of RAM are also supported. You can also choose between a NVIDIA Quadro NVS or NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics card. The entrylevel configuration is available for 1,170 GBP (excl. VAT).

Realistic 3D presentation

3-D modelling and imaging is standard in technology, science and research. The new transtec Graphics Workstations were developed to improve the quality and efficiency of these processes. Based on an NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics card, the transtec Graphics Workstation 2300 produce highprecision imaging. Complex, intensive processes such as Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) or Finite Element Method (FEM) programs can be run quickly and reliably. Designers, engineers or scientists can appreciate smooth running, realtime imaging. FX graphics cards support all standard 3D programs and are extremely energy efficient.

Multidisplay presentation for data analysis

For users who predominantly analyse large amounts of data, transtec also offers the new Graphics Workstation with a NVIDIA Quadro NVS graphics card with which a max. of four monitors can be controlled simultaneously. Designed especially for the business environment, the transtec Graphics Workstations with NVIDIA Quadro NVS cards deliver convenient management features. They can be used for all standard applications and programs in the business sector and ensure high stability of running processes.

Perfect cooling and silent running

An intelligent cooling system with four fans keeps the operating temperature at an optimum level even under maximum load. This can, for example, reduce the temperature of the graphics card by up to five degrees Celsius. The intelligent thermal management system integrated in the transtec Graphics Workstations reduces the load of on the installed components and thus extends their service life. Users can also profit from the extremely low noise emission level. The attractive allaluminium chassis makes the transtec Workstations attractive for displaying in public areas.

The following specifications are included in the new transtec Graphics Workstations 2300:

- Up to two Intel Xeon® Processors from the 5600 series (Westmere) or 5500 series (Nehalem-EP)
- Supports up to 96 GB 1333 DDR3 ECC registered memory
- Intel ICH10R SATA 3.0 RAID controller onboard
- Dual Gigabit LAN onboard
- 2 (x16) PCI-E 2.0 slots
- Optional IPMI management

More information on the new transtec Graphics Workstations can be found at:

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