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Supercomputing in a nutshell

HPC Compass 2010 now available from transtec free of charge

(PresseBox) (Tübingen, ) transtec, the HPC specialist, released the HPC Compass 2010 on schedule for the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) in Hamburg. In this Compass, developers and users from various supercomputing fields of application will find significant basic knowhow prepared for practical application in companies and research institutes. The authors have focussed on new technological developments in the HPC area. In the meantime, a 2nd edition of the HPC Compass has been published and is enjoying growing popularity amongst developers and HPC experts. It is available from transtec free of charge in German and English.

A whole chapter is dedicated to GPU Computing in the HPC Compass. Dr. Oliver Tennert, Director Marketing & HPC Solutions at transtec, says: "transtec has supported the rapid development of GPU Computing right from the beginning. The growing success of our transtec GPU systems amongst universities and the midsized company sector shows that GPU has become an important topic in the meantime, also beyond the largescale research and industrial sector. Even experienced application developers still often don't know how they can use GPU Computing to develop their code. This is where the transtec HPC Compass comes in useful."

Based on their enormous computing power, modern graphic processors (GPUs) are not only in the position to display complex 3D simulations, but also to calculate general numerical problems. Their performance exceeds that of the latest multicore processors many times over. transtec has already been working together with NVIDIA for many years. With its CUDA architecture, NVIDIA has influenced the development of GPU Computing considerably. The new HPC Compass explains the basic features of GPU Computing and presents the CUDA architecture.

The HPC Compass covers other topics such as efficient cluster management, Windows HPC Server 2008 R2, parallel NFS and the Intel Cluster Ready Program - a standard for the Quality Assurance of HPC cluster installations brought into being by Intel.

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transtec AG, a listed company, was founded in 1980 in Tübingen. transtec has successfully developed into a provider of IT solutions and functions today in the fields of virtualisation, HPC and IT infrastructure. Its core competencies are the evaluation, development and implementation of customerspecific products and solutions. transtec's IT solutions are adapted to the customer's individual needs based on the principle of "engineered to order". Accordingly, companies and public institutes benefit from this IT specialist's 30year long wealth of experience. transtec is represented with its own branch offices in Belgium, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. With about 134 employees, in 2009 transtec generated a turnover of about Euro 40 million.