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Exam Revolution at the University of Applied Sciences at Darmstadt

transtec installs learning centre, laboratory and examination rooms at the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) at Darmstadt with Pano Logic Zero Clients

(PresseBox) (Nijmegen, ) after a successful start to the learning centre of the electrotechnology and IT faculty of the UAS at Darmstadt (Germany), the innovative zero client technology from Pano Logic is now being used for examinations. Up until recently, the students had to solve complicated programming tasks in their examinations by using the traditional paper and pen approach. This wasn't possible on the PC as the configuration of every single computer would have been far too time consuming and complicated. The desktop virtualisation technology from Pano Logic now enables the temporary installation of a virtual desktop for every student from the central server. On these desktops, applications, which are needed for the students' examinations, are precisely installed.

transtec installed 50 Pano Logic boxes in the examination rooms and 250 examinations have been taken on virtual desktops. Discussions are currently underway to expand the project onto other faculties. Hubert Langenstein, assistant professor and IT manager of the electrotechnology and IT faculty commented: "We have managed to raise our quality of examinations to a completely new level thanks to the minimum space requirements of the underdesk systems, the low heat emissions of the Pano Logic boxes and the fail safety of desktop virtualisation technology". Prof. Dr. Antje Wirth added: "The silent operation of the Pano Logic boxes creates an almost unsettling feeling of peace during the examinations!"

transtec started the installation of Pano Logic technology back in 2008 in the faculty's open learning centre. In the university's laboratories, seminar rooms and open learning areas, 2300 students now have access to simulation packages for electrotechnology, energy and control engineering, software engineering tools and special programming environments. The previous solution was delivered on 600 PCs via Windows 2008 Server Domain.

95 % energy costs saved

The new solution comprises the handsize cube Pano device and the management interface Pano Manager. The Pano device is a zero client which connects the keyboard, mouse, monitor, audio and USB end devices to a virtual Windows system. Today, each student has access to all of the faculty's hardware and software resources; when students enrol at the university, they receive access authorisation which they keep throughout their study course. Learning centre administration has also been considerably improved and updates and release switches can be scheduled more efficiently. Student communication has also improved thanks to the integration of browser technology and, above all, the University of Applied Sciences saves up to 95 % on energy costs in their learning centre - a text book example of a green IT project.

The Pano Logic technology also enables the faculty's teaching staff to communicate faster and more directly with their students. Daily bulletins are sent to each desktop via Firefox browser informing students of which lectures have been cancelled and of any room changes etc. This information is also available on a wide range of open viewpoints posted at central locations all over the widely spread campus - a Pano device is lurking behind every one of the 42 inch monitors. The faculty's web page is permanently reloaded at the viewpoints and ensures an excellent interaction in university life.

Every examinee receives a personal desktop

Following the rollout of the desktop virtualisation project in the learning centre and the practical laboratory areas for control, microprocessor and measurement engineering, this upgrade of examinations to Pano Logic technology is the high point of this project. Before the examinations, professors create templates on the central server that each graduate requires for the exam. The examinee then has temporary access during the examination to the personal virtual desktop via the Pano Logic Box and can carry out the examination exercises far more efficiently and faster than was previously the case. The Pano Logic devices are soon to be used in lectures as well as examinations where students will have access to SAP and standard office applications.

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