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Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Test Automation Platform TTworkbench

(PresseBox) (Berlin, Germany, ) Testing Technologies is celebrating the 10th anniversary of TTworkbench!

"On behalf of the whole team working for Testing Technologies I would like to thank our customers and partners for their longtime confidence and loyalty in our test automation platform TTworkbench. We are very proud and happy about the fact that we have started as one of the first TTCN-3 tool vendors, and in the meantime have become the leading supplier in TTCN-3 based test tools and solutions worldwide", says Theofanis Vassiliou-Gioles (CEO at Testing Technologies).

With our full-featured integrated test development and execution environment (IDE) TTworkbench customers can build, execute, and analyze complex test scenarios. This powerful, user-friendly tool allows them to test software products and services regardless of technology, operating system, or implementation domain.

Our first TTworkbench only consisted of a test management feature, a core language editor and a TTCN-3 compiler. Over the past 10 years it was topped up by lots of new features highly increasing usability and performance.

Nowadays, TTworkbench consists of a complete Core Language Editor with all the features you would expect to conveniently develop TTCN-3 test scripts. Users are able to create their test scenarios both with the textual and user-friendly graphical editor. Instead of typing source code they just click and draw in graphical elements to create test sequences. Afterwards they can compile their test suites in high speed with extension package support. Furthermore there are options like quick filter, GUI and command-line execution, or the generation of test reports in different formats.

Based on selected captured message communication the Capture & Replay Wizard creates a ready to use test suite automatically - without any programming skills required. A comprehensive Debugger helps to find out what has gone wrong in a test run and why, with the option to explore a test suite step by step.

TTworkbench provides TRI/XTRI interfaces with real-time interface support. It is quite easy to extend the capabilities of TTworkbench by selecting existing TTplugins or by creating own plugins with the Runtime Plugin Development Environment. The built-in Codec Generator allows customers to easily generate codecs of all TTCN-3 types without the burden of dealing with test system implementation issues.

There is a huge range of commercial plugins available for TTworkbench such as ASN.1, CSN.1, LTE, SNMP, SQL, WSDL, or XSD - just to name a few. Users benefit from the already built-in plugin Native C as well as the pre-installed plugins UDP and TCP.

Testing Technologies is striving for a consistent further development of TTworkbench, ensuring a powerful, user-friendly, and future-proven tool for any kind of test automation project.

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About Spirent

Spirent is a global test and measurement leader helping the world communicate and collaborate faster, better and more often. The world's leading communications companies rely on Spirent to help design, develop and deliver world-class network, devices and services.

Spirent's lab test solutions are used to evaluate performance of the latest technologies. From wireline to wireless to satellite, Spirent offers a complete portfolio of solutions to enhance customer Quality of Experience.

Being experts on next-generation communication networks, devices and applications, Spirent's engineers provide valuable counsel to many of the leading communication standards organizations. Among others, they are helping to test the first deployments of the next-generation Internet or IPv6 networks in Asia, Europe and North America.

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About TTCN-3

TTCN-3 is an internationally standardized test language with a powerful textual syntax supporting all kinds of black-box testing. It was developed at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and has established itself as a global, universal testing language.

TTCN-3 has grown into a 10 part standard with four extension packages to date. Application of TTCN-3 has been widened beyond telecommunication systems to areas such as the automotive industry, internet protocols, railway signaling, medical systems, and avionics.

There has been witnessed a rapid uptake of the language in Asia - especially in India and China -where already more than 40% of all testing services worldwide are provided today. TTCN-3 has further strengthened its position in standardization and is used increasingly for certification and acceptance testing.

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Testing Technologies IST GmbH

Testing Technologies advises and supports test automation projects worldwide. We provide an extensive portfolio of approved, ready to use software testing tools helping you to create highly customized test environments.

Whether your project involves regression testing or generic test automation, our integrated test platform TTworkbench enables you to build, execute, and analyze complex test scenarios fast and easy. Choose from a variety of existing plugins, complete test solutions, or implement additional functionalities via open and standardized APIs. That way, you can create your own test suites, enhancements, or missing features in a simple way.

Reuse your investments in the future, as our test bench is based on TTCN-3. This internationally standardized test technology was designed by testers for testers, with a solid test system architecture designed by software developers for software developers.

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