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Ryder Industries Offers OEM/ODM Reference Designs to Customers

Solution-based Soundbar, Pico Projector, and iDocking Station

(PresseBox) (Hongkong/Waldkraiburg, ) To enable customers to save time during the product launch cycle and reduce development costs, Ryder Industries announces three reference design offerings. OEMs that are looking for private labeling can now use either these reference designs, or Ryder Industries' Custom Design Manufacturing (CDM) services. "This is a new program for OEMs, different than a traditional ODM type approach," noted Ryder Industries CEO, Shin-Tein Lei. "With our CDM services, the customer owns 100% of the IP of the product design."

Ryder Industries is a Swiss-owned developer and manufacturer of electronics products, headquartered in Hong Kong.

Soundbar SB20BU-01: Improve TV sound quality for amateur users or professional installers.

SB20BU-01 is an active 2.0 channels "Soundbar" designed for 42" (or larger) Flat TV to enable the user to boost sound and volume or even replace the home cinema with a 'virtual' Surround Sound set-up. Active Soundbar speaker solutions offer a simpler approach to bringing high-quality sound to TV. The design is easy to set-up and can be used as a one-box solution or a high performance on-wall 2-channel premium system. The design includes the following features:

- Plug and play
- Play back from external devices via USB host
- Wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth
- Virtual Surround Sound effect
- Source input via Aux or Optical

Pico Projector PJ35L-01: Self-contained personal media device based on LCOS/ DLP project technology.

The palm-sized Pico projector features a bright, high resolution LED output and integrated multimedia player for the mobile user. This design provides a complete mini-projection solution, using LCOS or DLP optical components. Features include superior ventilation, to maintain the heat-generating components below 45℃, and an energy-efficient design allowing over 60 minutes in the battery mode. In addition, it offers multiple input ports: AV, VGA, and HDMI. It can read MP4 files in USB drives/SD cards making it ideal for sharing images, videos, and music. This multi-function Pico Projector includes the following features:

- Portable Design, 60 minutes battery life
- Over 20,000 hours Lamp lifecycle
- Source input via VGA, Composite and HDMI
- Format supported:

Movie: AVI, H.264, ASF, WMV, MP4
Image: BMP, JPG
Music: MP3, AMR, AAC, XviD, 3GPP

i-Docking ID20R-01: Apple(TM) -compatible entertainment system

ID20R-01 is a 2.0 channels speaker system for iPod/ iPhone(TM) and integrates Internet Radio functions for various entertainment requirements. The i-Docking with Internet Radio features a module design and supports connection to the Internet via Ethernet Wifi and 3G. It has a USB function that reads USB drives and SD cards, as well as stereophonic sound in both Analogue and Digital. Other features include, user-friendly interface, drop-down menu, handy setting options, user-friendly clock time display and setting, multiple alarm clock modes, many worldwide popular channels, and capable of online updates and customized Top 10/Top 20 rankings for you to choose. It includes the following features:

-Work for iPod(TM) , iPhone(TM) 3GS and iPhone(TM) 4/4S
- Internet connection via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G
- Up to 720P video output via HDMI
- Touch Screen Control
- 2.8" ~ 10.1" LCD Display

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Ryder Industries Ltd (Europe)

Ryder Industries was founded in 1979 in Hong Kong, by Swiss scientist and entrepreneur Eric Winkler. In its early years, the company was dedicated exclusively to design and manufacture of its own products chess computers and high quality computer game peripherals, which were sold around the globe under the brand names Kasparov, Mephisto and Saitek. The company undertook its first contract manufacturing projects in the nineties. What started as a sideline developed so well over the following years that the company decided to sell its branded product division in 2007 and focus on the EMS business. The group changed its name from Saitek to Ryder Industries Ltd. that same year and has been operating exclusively as an EMS provider ever since.

Being an Asian enterprise with European DNA, Ryder feels a unique responsibility towards its customers, suppliers and employees, especially with respect to business ethics and its social and environmental responsibilities. In recognition of its very high standards and continuous engagement in these areas, Ryder has received a series of awards from the Chinese government, and has enjoyed the prestigious "AA" enterprise certification since 1996. Please visit for more information.