ROPA Panther 2: Probably the sportiest high-power beet harvester

Up to 768 hp in the new two-axle model make the Panther 2 a real workhorse

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ROPA is pushing forward with the new edition of the two-axle beet lifter in a new performance dimension. Sporty modern design with manoeuvrability and agility combines with a "workhorse" in the new Panther 2 for pure pleasure when lifting beets. There are sufficient power reserves for the most extreme lifting conditions, and using XL lifting attachment demonstrates the centrepiece of it all: the new 700 hp or 768 hp Volvo inline engine with pump-nozzle injection and 16.12 litre capacity. The award winning and soil-protecting chassis system with roll stabilisation and automatic slope compensation have been flawlessly integrated into the new machine design. The unloading conveyor derived from the Tiger 6 with a more powerful hopper emptying facilitates quicker loading during the drive. The new comfort cabin with glass touch terminal and numerous automatic programmes is the basis for outstanding driving comfort and the best lifting results.

Reliable power package with mega torque and 16.12 litre capacity

Power is transmitted even more efficiently with the 700 hp/515 kW Panther 2 with its Volvo inline 6-cylinder engine (model TAD1672VE, emission level EPA 4 final), 16.12 litre capacity, pump nozzle injection (PNI), SCR catalytic converter and AdBlue. The maximum torque is 3200 Nm at 1260 rpm. From as low as 1000 rpm the engine offers a powerful 3150 Nm of torque. Harvesting is performed from an economical 1100 rpm with 3150 Nm torque - 28 percent greater than the Panther 1 with 2450 Nm.

=> The basis for greater daily output, even more power at lower speeds.

For those who need even more power in the Panther 2, ROPA offers the 768 hp/565 kW Volvo inline 6-cylinder engine (model TAD1643VE-B) with 16.12 litre capacity and pump nozzle injection (PNI) in the range. The robust power pack does not require AdBlue, SCR catalytic converter and exhaust gas recirculation. This reduces logistics requirements for equipment and minimises downtime. A powerful maximum torque of 3260 Nm - 33 percent greater than the Panther 1 with 2450 Nm - transmits power at optimal efficiency over the continuously variable transmission. The 238 hp/175 kW extra power compared to the Panther 2 results faster hectare coverage, particularly when lifting uphill, during truck loading while moving or with more than 6-row lifting with XL lifter attachments.

=> The basis for even higher daily output, increased operating safety.

Increased cleaning area and new turbine cleaning

In accordance with the higher engine power, the cleaning power has also been adapted in the Panther 2. The RR lifting attachment has an additional seventh lifting roller included and therefore offers a cleaning area which is over 15 per cent larger. A broadened inlet to the filter belt channel guarantees an even quicker beet flow to the enlarged turbine area. After the first turbine with a 1.740 mm diameter, two more follow, each with a diameter of 1.550 mm, before the beets are moved gently into the 1.000 mm wide bunk elevator.

Extremely long unloading conveyor – even more powerful and faster bunker unloading

The new extremely long unloading conveyor was based on the length and concept of the Tiger 6. It is located between both axes, directly after the articulated joint. When loading on trailers driving alongside, the transfer angle is shallower. The unloading conveyer is 1600 mm wide and foldable in 3 places. By basing this on the construction of the Tiger 6, the height could be further reduced despite the increased loading width - a major advantage for lifting using a power supply line. The bunker unloading, which compared to the Panther 1 is even more powerful, ensures faster loading on the move. Gentle polyurethane fingers guarantee high feeding capacity with short unloading times of as little as 50 seconds with a full beet bunker holding around 30 m3. The automatic bunker filling allows optimum traction under all harvest conditions by excellent weight distribution. Two ultrasound sensors measure the bunker loads and therefore the load, and save it in the impact database.

=> Faster truck loading, gentle and convenient bunker unloading

Highlight!! – Cabin and operating concept of the ROPA Panther 2 sugar beet harvester

The redesigned and very spacious R-Cab driver's cabin has been significantly upgraded and is suspended on hydrobushings. It is oriented to the driver, who has the best overview of the newly developed RR lifting attachment from a physiologically appropriate and comfortable seating position.

The easy-care, pleasant and attractive interior of the new cabin guarantees the most comfortable operation. Generously dimensioned shelves, storage compartments and plenty of space around the driver. A cooler and the integrated seat ventilation for hot days and seat heater for colder weather are standard equipment. Extremely powerful fully LED working lights turn night into day.

=> Ergonomics and comfort, the driver is at the centre.

ROPA combines under the name R-Concept its new intuitive operating philosophy. The large 12.1-inch touch screen with WLAN interface is the information and command centre of the machine. From here the operator monitors the entire machine, receives information about operating conditions and performance data, adjusts functions and the working results of the machine. The operation is performed dually, either with fingertip on the touch screen or with turning and pressing the "R-Select" and "R-Direct" rotary buttons. The controls are situated in the ergonomically perfect position on the newly designed control panel und the handle of the multifunctional joystick (with integrated mini joystick). The thin control panel at the driver’s position offers numerous adjustment options and supports the ergonomical and comfortable seat position with greatly improved all-round vision. The optional R-View is now newly available, an intelligent camera system for rear area monitoring with a bird's-eye view.

=> A premium workplace for driving pleasure.

Anti Shake and Balance System - Roll stabilisation with fully automatic wheel load and slope compensation

The Panther 2 has, like its predecessor, an innovative chassis concept with 2 floating axles in conjunction with 4 stabilising cylinders. Compared to conventional chassis of 2-axle beet harvesters this reduces the sway of machine by 50 per cent. The reason for the improvement is the hydraulic connection of the stabilising cylinders at the front and rear axles on one side, so unevenness at one wheel at a different level only affects the frame by 50 per cent compared to the previous system. Thanks to the reduction of the chassis swing, the row and depth control is improved simultaneously, as the frame is averaged to the position of both axles.

=> Chassis sway stabilisation, better lifting quality

Automatic slope compensation for stability on slopes

The automatic slope compensation using four hydraulic cylinders and sensors is unique among two axle beet lifters. The entire vehicle is inclined to the slope by up to 7 % and thus held horizontally. The lifting unit runs itself scanning the soil surface. Slope stability is increased. Even in extreme situations, the Panther itself keeps stable where other harvesters would tip over. Furthermore, driving comfort increases as the driver remains in an upright seating position and doesn’t risk to slip out of the seat.

=> Greater stability on slopes, improved driving comfort

Direct power transmission with cardan shafts ensures very high torque and traction on all wheels

For the transmission of high drive power, ROPA are offering uncompromising direct transmission for the Panther 2 via direct linear cardan shafts from the traction drive at the rear axle and to the front axle. Harvesting in the field can be performed at an engine speed of only 1,100 rpm. According to power requirements, the Panther 2 regulates automotively up to 1,650 rpm. Thanks to further optimisation of the axle and gear box transmission, the Panther 2 reaches a top speed of 40 km/h from an economical 1,240 rpm. For maximum operational safety, a cooling system has been integrated for the differential gears for extended and fast road travel. In field mode the Panther 2 can operate at up to 16km/h, so 1.5 km/h quicker than the Panther 1. The multi-disk differential brakes integrated into the axles, which run in an oil bath and are therefore protected from dirt, "tame" the Panther 2 as required.

=> Top traction even in variable or difficult harvesting conditions, speed-reduced up to 40 km/h

Soil-protecting Ultraflex tyres from Michelin

Good soil protection is maintained by the new IF800/70 R38 Michelin Ultraflex tyres on the front axle and the IF900/60 R38 Michelin Ultraflex tyres on the rear axles. The soil is protected with comfortable damping characteristics. The tyres have a wheel diameter of 2050 mm and therefore offer enormous tyre contact areas.

=> Soil protection and traction particularly in wet soil conditions.

Automatic unfolding for completely automatic transformation from road drive to lifting action

A button touch is enough to automatically "transform“ Panther 2 from road drive mode to field mode. The unloading conveyor, one metre wide ring elevator, bunker auger and other groups fold one by one, in some cases simultaneously. The sensor-controlled monitoring systems exclude operating errors and collisions. The entire folding process with simultaneous activation of all functions takes the shortest possible time.

=> Comfort and safety when starting work, short setup times.

In summary, new developments in the Panther 2 increase the daily output at reduced operating costs, simplifying maintenance and repair. The operator experiences improved driving comfort with more economical, efficient and soil-protective harvesting of sugar beet.

The ROPA Panther 2 can be delivered from 2017 with the new RR lifting attachment with deep lifting adjustment on single rows. The defoliator unit can be selected as the integral defoliator, defoliator with leaf ejection, all-round defoliator or rubber-defoliator with 2 rubber cleaning shafts.

World premiere with lifting demonstration at Beet Europe on 26 and 27 October in Moyvillers, France

The European premiere of the Panther 2 will be at Betteravenir during Beet Europe 2016 in Moyvillers in France. The field demonstration organised by ITB and IRBAB will show visitors the latest sugar-beet harvesting and loading technology in a live demonstration.

German premiere at ROPA on Sunday, 20. November in 84097 Sittelsdorf

The Panther 2 will shows its paces in Germany for the first time at ROPA. Visitors will experience a comprehensive range of activities for the 30th anniversary of the company. You will wonder at new developments and the latest sugar-beet and potato harvesting technology when they are demonstrated in the field. Manufacturing facilities and agricultural technology will be open for inspection and will provide an exciting entertainment programme.
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