ROCCAT(TM) SDM S: For Performance Lovers

ROCCAT(TM) presents the Smart Desktop Management System for the first time

Hamburg, (PresseBox) - ROCCAT(TM) , t he new Hambur g-based manufacturer of pr ofessional gaming accessor ies, has been on ever yone's lips since t he r elease last year of t he ROCCAT(TM) Kone Gaming M ouse. Now, t he st udios ar e pr esent ing an innovat ive concept in for m of t he ROCCAT(TM) Smar t Deskt op M anagement Syst em

(SDMS) which allows the typical gamer desktop to be organized per fect ly. SDMS products are a byword for pure performance coupled with unique funct ionality and an ingenious, aggressively-angular and at the same t ime simple design. The range of per fect ly coordinated accessor ies compr ises four components, each available separately, but which make an unbeatable set when put together . The first SDMS product will already be available from r etailers from July 2009.

Efficiency, freedom of movement and ingenious technology

The basic idea behind the SDMS is to enable opt imum use of desktop space to be made by means of a compact design while r et aining t he component s' full funct ionalit y - and in doing so deliver the necessary freedom of movement that is cr it ical for relaxed and focused gaming. The size and shape of each individual product is coordinated thereby ensur ing clarity, ease of reach and, as a result , rapid response t imes. At the same t ime, gr eat consider at ion has been paid t o gamer s' individual r equir em ent s. For instance SDMS products are designed for left and r ight handers and, for the first t ime, for WASD and numpad gamers alike. In addit ion, the system also offers the convenience of allowing external devices such as hard dr ives and cell phones to be connected - which is impor t ant on any gamer 's deskt op.

Reduced to the max

All SDMS components come equipped with first -class technology. St reamlined and simple, the individual products have all the features that matter to gamers. Fur thermore, characterist ic details make each product unique. When they interact, the SDMS makes an unbeatable set - and it demonstrate its full strength.


All SDMS products feature an angular stealth-look. Corners, edges and cut -outs ar e designed for opt imum hand posture, thereby offer ing improved ergonomics. The size and shape are designed for extended, but r elaxed gaming sessions. Unnecessar ily long distances have been minimized. Hands and elbows lie parallel to each other allowing an upr ight , back-fr iendly posit ion to be maintained thereby reducing st rain on the ver tebrae, tendons and joints.


As of t oday t he ROCCAT(TM) websit e will feat ur e an ext ensive special including all impor t ant informat ion about t he new ROCCAT(TM) pr oduct ser ies. A video as well as numerous sketches will explain to you the at t r ibutes of the SDMS and whet your appet it e for mor e...

The first ROCCAT(TM) SDM S product will already be introduced this week.


Uusi lomi on vanhan surma. The new snow is the death of the old - an old Finish proverb. ROCCAT is the snow storm in the gaming indust ry. Industrial designers, technical engineers and software developers work together on the development of perfect input devices for ambitious computer gamers at the ROCCAT studios in Hamburg and the Far East. The ROCCAT(TM) Kone Gaming Mouse, the ROCCAT(TM) Sense Mousepad, the ROCCAT(TM) Taito Mousepad, the ROCCAT(TM) Vir e M obile Communicat ion Gaming Headset and t he ROCCAT(TM) Tusko Flatscreen Bag are the first range of products r eleased by ROCCAT Studios Hamburg.

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