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Rhenus Contract Logistics receives Full AEO certification on the basis of new UCC customs legislation

(PresseBox) (Donderdag, ) Dutch Customs has granted Rhenus Contract Logistics Full AEO certification. Rhenus is one of the first logistics service providers in the Netherlands with AEO certification which satisfies the new customs requirements of the UCC legislation.

Rhenus Contract Logistics has embraced the new legislation. From the moment the new code came into force on 1 May 2016, Rhenus took action to ensure its compliance with the new legislation. The deployment of a new customs application, Customs Streamliner® for private customs warehouses (E and C), NCTS and declaration systems AGS 2 and AGS 3, was seen as a basis for ensuring compliance with current and future customs requirements. This customs application is fully compliant with the requirements laid down in the Union Customs Code (UCC).

Full AEO certification for Tilburg and Eindhoven sites

Rhenus Contract Logistics' sites in Tilburg and Eindhoven have been awarded Full AEO certification. In the near future, a new site in Tilburg will be added to this list. The site is currently under construction and will span an area of 60,000 m2 once completed.

Dutch Customs were closely involved in the deployment of the customs software

Dutch Customs were actively involved in the implementation of the new customs software. During the deployment phase, Dutch Customs tested the application's compliance with the UCC. The successful communication between Rhenus and Dutch Customs has resulted in the deployment of a well-built and modern customs application that is fully compliant with the new UCC legislation. According to Alphons van Erven, Senior Vice President at Rhenus, the deployment of the new customs application and the issuing of customs permits on the basis of the new legislation has made Rhenus ready for the future. "Because we actively involved

Dutch Customs in the deployment of our new customs application, they were able to immediately reassess our customs authorisations. Rhenus can herewith guarantee its customers that, when it comes to customs formalities, we are ready for the future."

Dirk Moons, Director of Stream Software, looks back on a productive collaboration during the deployment phase of the customs application. "We were able to test our customs application against the requirements of the Union Customs Code, in part thanks to close collaboration with Rhenus and Dutch Customs."

Advantages of early adoption of new customs requirements

Rhenus has always tried to adopt new customs requirements as early on as possible. Extra effort is needed to implement these requirements, however this pioneering approach offers many advantages. It gives customers of Rhenus Contract Logistics a high degree of assurance that the import and export of their goods will go smoothly and without delays. This is an important factor for many companies for whom it is essential that goods are delivered to their business partners well in advance of the deadline.

Rhenus SE & Co. KG

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