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PROvendis presents cutting edge technologies from universities and IfADo

Patented knowledge from North-Rhine Westphalia at the Hanover Trade Fair

(PresseBox) (Mülheim an der Ruhr, ) PROvendis presents an invention that will enable the three- dimensional depth in virtual spaces to be displayed in such an ergonomic way as to cause little strain on the viewer. The patent marketing company will additionally present further cutting edge technologies from universities in North-Rhine Westphalia at the Hanover Trade Fair (Hall 2, Stand C38, MIWFT NRW) from 19 to 23 April 2010.

Stereoscopic representation is being increasingly used in product development, medical engineering or the entertainment industry. However, a great many users suffer from tired eyes, headaches or nausea after looking at 3D screens for extended periods. Scientists at the Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors at Dortmund Technical University (IfADo) and Dortmund University of Applied Sciences have invented the ErgoViz system, with which the reproduction of three- dimensional content is optimised in such a way as to cause less strain on the viewer. For this, ErgoViz continually matches the threedimensional representation to the respective viewing conditions. This requires that the position and viewing direction of both eyes are constantly measured. In this way, the screen can be used for several hours without too great a strain on the viewer's eyes. In particular, disturbing double images that often occur when viewing virtual objects in close proximity are avoided.

PROvendis promotes the ergonomic technology for IfADo and Dortmund University of Applied Sciences.

Representing over 20,000 scientists, PROvendis is one of the biggest patent marketing companies in Europe. The company offers a wide variety of services to the universities of North-Rhine Westphalia ranging from the assessment of inventions to patent utilisation. At the same time, PROvendis is the contact point for the business world when innovations protected by protective rights or specific problem solutions are required from science.

PROvendis promotes inventions that are protected by protective rights from all fields of technology in all sectors. For instance, a series of inventions from the field of mechanical engineering will be presented at the trade fair, e.g. a main roll with a flexibly adjustable roll pass for ring rolling mills, a system for the internal highpressure forming of microcomponents and an active fold smoothing tool for bending pipes with a bending block.

A foam with nanoscale air bubbles that when manufactured on a sugar basis promises to provide a surprising taste sensation, and on a plastic base has excellent insulation properties, is of interest in the fields of the construction or food industries. From electrical engineering comes a system to supply energy for ultrasonic devices that can be used in a wide frequency range and is both lighter and more compact than conventional solutions. The invention is of interest, for example, in the aviation industry and production engineering. Medical engineering is the field of application for a sturdy, highly sensitive and reliable magnetometer for determining biological magnetic fields and their gradients. The Bose- Einstein light source could generate coherent light in the field of laser technology, for example.