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trac-x Intends to Become Europe's First Platform for Primary Capacity

(PresseBox) (Leipzig, ) trac-x is taking steps towards facilitating primary capacity trading: The European Online platform for trading secondary capacity rights wants to become the German operator of the primary capacity trading platform as demanded by the German legislator. In taking these steps, trac-x follows up on the considerable preliminary work that has already been done by the German network operators. "With this reorientation to become the first European platform for trading primary capacity rights, trac-x contributes significantly to simplifying European gas trading", Volkmar Müller, managing director of trac-x Transport Capacity Exchange GmbH, said today.

To be able to meet all the regulatory requirements for operating such a platform in accordance with Article 12 of the German Gas Network Ordinance, multiple operational and corporate changes must be made, which the current shareholders of trac-x have already laid the foundations for:

- VNG-Erdgascommerz GmbH transferred their trac-x shares to ONTRAS - VNG Gastransport GmbH on 22 September 2010.
- The present shareholders have agreed to increase the number of shareholders and have added primary capacity trading to the object of the company.

Within the next few weeks, trac-x will send out an offer to all involved German network operators with the aim to hold and to finalise all necessary talks about the proposed offer as quickly as possible.

The intended extension of the company object as well as of the number of shareholders of trac-x is subject to approval by the German Cartel Office; both, the shareholders as well as trac-x's managing director expect to receive such approval of the German Cartel Office.

PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH

trac-x Transport Capacity Exchange GmbH was established in order to create a transparent and non-discriminatory platform for trading secondary natural gas transport capacity. It has operated an online trading platform for European gas transport capacity since March 2005. Registered shippers can trade secondary capacity rights across Europe and in the transmission grids of the following network operators: Dong Energy Pipelines GmbH, Eni Gas Transport Deutschland S.p.A., Erdgas Münster Transport GmbH & Co. KG, EWE Netz GmbH, Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH, GVS Netz GmbH, Ontras - VNG Gastransport GmbH, Open Grid Europe GmbH, Thyssengas GmbH and WINGAS TRANSPORT GmbH & Co. KG.

In addition to long-term trading, firm day-ahead capacity rights can be traded on the platform, as well. They can be traded at the European cross-border points Bocholtz, Bocholtz-Vetschau, Bunde/Oude Statenzijl, Ellund, Emden EPT, Emden NPT, Eynatten/Raeren, Medelsheim, Oberkappel, Vreden, Waidhaus and Wallbach as well as at the German interconnection points Broichweiden-Süd, Bunder Tief, Drohne, Emsbüren, Emsbüren Berge, Lampertheim, Reckrod, Steinbrink, Steinitz and Verlautenheide I.

Currently, trac-x Transport Capacity Exchange GmbH has five shareholders: EWE Netz GmbH, European Energy Exchange AG, ONTRAS - VNG Gastransport GmbH, Open Grid Europe GmbH and Thyssengas GmbH.