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ONTRAS - VNG Gastransport GmbH joins trac-x as latest registered day-ahead network operator

(PresseBox) (Leipzig, ) ONTRAS ? VNG Gastransport GmbH (ONTRAS) has expanded its cooperation with trac-x and has joined the day-ahead section of the platform as a new network operator according to an announcement today by the European secondary trading platform. As a result, registered traders can from now on not only trade secondary long-term but also day-ahead capacity rights in the ONTRAS grid on trac-x. Initially, the network points Deutschneudorf, Lasow and Steinitz will be tradable in the ONTRAS grid. Shippers, who hold capacity rights on both sides of the cross-border point Steinitz can from now on also offer them on trac-x as bundled capacities. Moreover, it is planned to include further network points of the ONTRAS grid in to the trading platform in the future.

Interested traders can register for the new networks points in the ONTRAS grid from today.

ONTRAS, which has their headquarters in Leipzig, Germany, is a trans-regional gas pipeline network operator in the European grid system. With a pipeline length of more than 7,000 km and more than 500 network points, ONTRAS not only operates Germany's second-largest high-pressure gas transmission grid but also markets the grids capacities. ONTRAS is one of the five TSOs who setup the GASPOOL market area. In cooperation with more than 130 downstream network operators they organise gas transports in the GASPOOL grid which covers six German federal States.

PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH

trac-x Transport Capacity Exchange GmbH was established in order to create a transparent and non-discriminatory platform for trading secondary natural gas transport capacity. It has operated an online trading platform for European gas transport capacity since March 2005. Registered shippers can trade secondary capacity rights across Europe and in the transmission grids of the following network operators: Dong Energy Pipelines GmbH, Eni Gas Transport Deutschland S.p.A., Erdgas Münster Transport GmbH & Co. KG, EWE NETZ GmbH, Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH, GVS Netz GmbH, Ontras - VNG Gastransport GmbH, Open Grid Europe GmbH, Thyssengas GmbH and WINGAS TRANSPORT GmbH & Co. KG.

In addition to long-term trading, firm day-ahead capacity rights can be traded on the platform, as well. They can be traded at the European cross-border points Bocholtz, Bocholtz-Vetschau, Bunde/Oude Statenzijl, Deutschneudorf, Ellund, Emden EPT, Emden NPT, Eynatten/Raeren, Lasow, Medelsheim, Oberkappel, Vreden, Waidhaus and Wallbach as well as at the German interconnection points Broichweiden-Süd, Bunder Tief, Drohne, Emsbüren, Emsbüren Berge, Lampertheim, Reckrod, Steinbrink, Steinitz and Verlautenheide I.