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PNE WIND AG has technical partner for offshore wind farm project "Gode Wind II" on board

(PresseBox) (Cuxhaven, ) PNE WIND AG has successfully completed another step in the implementation of their offshore wind farm project "Gode Wind II". Development partnerships were concluded with the businesses Per Aarsleff A/S (foundations), DRAKA Norsk Kabel AS (internal farm cabeling) and currently with AREVA Energietechnik GmbH (transformer station). Previously, management business K2 Management A/S from Denmark, which is very experienced in the technical development and implementation of offshore projects, was able to be incorporated.

With the setup obtained now, the chief representatives of the PNE WIND AG, Thorsten Fastenau (Offshore) and Roland Stanze (Business Development), who also act as business managers of the project company PNE Gode Wind II, are confident that they will be able to successfully manage the "Gode Wind II" project to begin of realization in 2011/2012. All associated businesses have excellent references for implementing diverse offshore wind farm projects in other parts of Europe.

The chief executives of the PNE WIND AG, Martin Billhardt (CEO) and Bernd Paulsen (COO) are extremely satisfied with the progress made so far. Martin Billhardt stated: "The offshore wind farm project "Gode Wind II" was approved in 2009 by the German maritime and hydrography agency (Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydographie (BSH)). In this project, 80 wind turbines could be set up in the North Sea, some 33 kilometres north of Norderney. The realization of this project is expected to start in 2011/2012. "Gode Wind II" directly borders the offshore wind farm project "Gode Wind I" which was also approved and which also fully belongs to PNE WIND AG. Both projects can set up 160 offshore wind turbines with a nominal output of up to 800 MW."

Business profiles

Per Aarsleff A/S is one of the largest companies in Denmark for building infrastructure and is amongst others specialised in the design and building of foundations for offshore wind farms. It was able to prove its capabilities in the following offshore projects, the delivery and installation of the research platform Fino II, the monopiles for offshore wind farms Horns Rev 2 and Thanet as well as the gravity foundations for the offshore wind farms Nysted, Sprogø and Rødsand 2.

DRAKA Norsk Kabel AS is a business based on Norway, which has 35 years experience in the production, laying and installation of subsea cables. DRAKA works with selected partners for special parts e.g. cable laying. A hightech production plant in Drammen (Norway) was opened in 2009 to manufacture medium voltage subsea cables as they are put to use in offshore wind farms. DRAKA's many years experience is reflected in the number of offshore projects across the world, for example, tidal power stations in Sweden and the UK, subsea cable laying for crossing fjords in Scandanavia and contracts for the offshore wind farm Walney II.

AREVA Energietechnik GmbH is the german wholly subsidiary of AREVA T&D Holding SA with its headoffice in Paris. AREVA T&D is a world leader in electricity transmission and distribution and offers its customers a complete range of solutions for greater grid stability and energy efficiency.

Selection list of references (Offshore High Voltage Substations): Barrow (UK), Alpha Ventus (Ger), Robin Rigg (UK).

K2 Management A/S is an internationally active business in Denmark which offers consulting and project management for large construction projects in the energy sector. The services include all project phases from planning, design, contracting, and implementation to construction and support during the operation. Reference projects are Q7, Scroby Sands, Thanet, Nordsee Ost and Dan Tysk.

About cometis:

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PNE WIND AG with its headquarters in Cuxhaven develops and implements wind farm projects on land (onshore) and at high sea (offshore). Its core competence is the development, planning, implementation and financing of wind farms and their operation or sale including subsequent service. So far, the company has set up 94 wind farms with 541 wind energy systems and a total nominal output of 782 MW.

Alongside its business activities in the established German home market, PNE WIND AG is also increasingly investing in dynamic growth markets and has subsidiaries and representations via joint ventures in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, the UK, USA and Canada. Wind farm projects with a nominal output of about 1,700 MW are currently being processed in these countries and are to be implemented in the medium term. In Germany (onshore) currently wind farm projects with a nominal output of more than 800 MW are being processed.

Furthermore, PNE WIND AG develops offshore wind farm projects, three of which have already been approved in German waters. Entering promising foreign markets is also being examined for the offshore area.