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Peratech paper on new QTC ink formulations available on Institute of Physics website

(PresseBox) (Richmond, North Yorkshire, ) Following on from Peratech's announcement about its work on QTC(TM) inks for printing pressure sensitive sensors and switches, the company has announced that a paper on the subject is available on the Institute of Physics website. The paper is free to download during April 2013 at

"We currently have four PhDs and other scientists and technicians researching into the exciting field of Quantum Tunnelling Composites at Durham, Leeds and London universities," explained David Lussey, Peratech's CTO and founder. "About 90% of our R&D is actually being done externally to Peratech and takes advantage of the outstanding facilities available to British companies if they link up with British Universities. This latest paper covers the mechanism of how QTC materials operate. It is research like this that will enable QTC sensors and switches to become a mainstream technology as it enables the cost, size and weight of switches to be cut by as much as 90% to enable them to become the HMI technology that everyone touches."

The paper covers a screen-printed functional ink, comprising a combination of semiconducting acicular particles, electrically insulating nanoparticles and a base polymer ink, is described that exhibits pronounced pressure sensitive electrical properties for applications in sensing and touch sensitive surfaces. The combination of these components in the as-printed ink yield a complex structure and a large and reproducible touch pressure sensitive resistance range. In contrast to the case for some composite systems, the resistance changes occur down to applied forces of less than 0.01N. Current voltage measurements at fixed pressures show monotonic non-linear behaviour, which becomes more Ohmic at higher pressures and in all cases shows some hysteresis. The physical basis for conduction, particularly in the low pressure regime, can be described in terms of field assisted quantum mechanical tunnelling.

Peratech Limited

Founded in 1996, Peratech is a privately held company with 25 employees based in Richmond, North Yorkshire. It commercialised its QTC technology at the beginning of 2006 and is currently working with a number of key technology clients who are implementing QTC sensing technology within their own products. Its business is essentially the IP licensing model that has been proven to be rapidly scalable and highly profitable for the likes of ARM and many others. The company is profitable, with 100% of sales being to overseas' customers making it an excellent example of British innovation bringing in global revenue. Peratech is a rare example of a university spin-in with a close working relationship with the University of Durham who are researching into the properties of Quantum Tunnelling Composites. QTC technology is protected by numerous worldwide patents and has a wide range of applications. From robotics to automotive and from touch screens to consumer electrical products, the product has sales worth millions of pounds to companies around the world. Peratech's multi-award winning QTC technology received the Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation in November 2012.