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High-end 3D+: In-car audio redefined

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Revolutionary 3D sound experience
Fully digital, modular concept
From entry level to high-end 3D+ with a single system platform
Significant weight-savings, combined with lower material and development costs
Expandable through a series of audio functions

paragon AG’s new 3D+ in-car audio system, with its unique use of distributed modules and fully digital data transmission of audio signals, offers a wide range of astonishing innovations.

Today’s in-car audio systems tend to be configured according to the same common template, with a central amplifier generating considerable amounts of heat and speakers connected via fault-prone analog wires.

In contrast to this, paragon’s approach uses decentralized and networked amplifier modules which also include the required signal processing. By integrating these modules into the speakers, the paragon R&D staff in co-operation with high-end specialists Audionet developed levels of speaker compensation and equalization never previously achieved. As a result, significant improvements in the quality of in-car music reproduction can clearly be experienced. As a further benefit for the car industry, this approach reduces system weight, thereby cutting fuel consumption and delivering considerable savings in terms of material costs.

The concept allows virtually all models of vehicles to be equipped with the same modules. Any configuration ranging right up to the maximum possible high-end system can be realized, thus reducing car manufacturers’ development and approval effort.

Enhanced audio features such as in-car communication (ICC) or engine sound synthesis (ESS) can be added simply by configuring the corresponding software module.

"The 3D+ audio system allows paragon to expand into yet another innovative segment of the automotive industry. The reduction to a single system platform enables us to provide significant savings in terms of both weight and material costs to our customers, which in turn simplifies the corresponding cycles of product development and approval," says Klaus Dieter Frers, paragon’s board chairman. "This breakthrough concept revolutionizes the in-vehicle listening experience. We therefore aim at offering nothing less than the world´s best audio system to the automotive market."

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