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Face the financial crisis, ensure the development of the trade

Discussions about economic growth trends and measures to confront the declining market of China textile industry in 2009 / Oerlikon Textile sponsored China Textile Round Table Forum 2009

(PresseBox) (Remscheid/Shanghai, ) The “China Textile Round Table Forum 2009”, hosted by China Textile Economy Research Centre and “China Textile” Magazine, sponsored by Oerlikon Textile and supervised by China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC), was hold on 10 January 2009 in the international Conference Centre of KunLun Hotel in Beijing, with the theme of “Face the financial crisis, ensure the development of the trade”.

Influenced by international financial crisis, 2009 will become a very challengeable & difficulty year for China’s economy and also for China textile industry. Facing with such hard situation, Chinese government put forward economic incentives with 4 trillion RMB and measures for the light & textile industry development, to keep the steady development of China macro-economy and textile industry. Textile industry will continuously face with uncertain economic situations in 2009, such as: price fluctuation for raw materials, policy adjustments for finance and tax, unsteadiness for RMB exchange rate. Therefore, relevant leaders, experts and scholars, notable enterprisers from “Ministry of International Finance”, “Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China”, “Ministry of Commerce”, “National Bureau of Statistics of China”, “Development Research Centre of The State Council” and “China National Textile and Apparel Council” invited to attend the forum and participate warm discussions.

On the conference, Mr. Yao Jingyuan, general economist of the National Bureau of Statistics, made the speech entitled “2009 China Macro-economy trend and countermeasures”. With sufficient data and exact instance, he explained that China’s economy was still in a good condition, despite the influence of the financial crisis and the very difficult condition we faced. The economic situation of the first half year of 2009 will be tougher, but under the fundamental guidelines and policies by government such as “ensuring economic growth, expanding domestic demands and adjusting structure”, China‘s economic will keep steady development.

Mr. Wang Tiankai, Vice President of CNTAC, made the speech on the topic of “2009 China textile economic trend and policies”. On his opinion, China textile industry economics in 2008 was grim. It presented on the aspects of “slow step of production, decline of export and investment, negative growth of operation benefit”. In 2009, under international financial crisis, scarce overseas demands will bring greater pressure to the export in textile industry. However, there’re remaining advantages by ensuring trade export and keeping steady for domestic demands to mainly support textile industry.

Dr. Carsten Voigtländer, CEO of Oerlikon Textile, made the speech on the topic of “Measures to confront the declining textile market “. He introduced the experience of Oerlikon Textile in the sides of market, products, competition and cooperation.

Mr. Sun Huaibin, Director of China Textile Economy Research Centre, and Mr. Xu Weimin, Board Chairman of Jiangsu Dongdu Textile presided over the discussion part. Together with all the participants, Mr. Jia Kang, Director of Ministry of Finance, Mr, Xia Bin, Director of Development Research Centre of The State Council, Mr. Zhu Hongren, Director of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Ms. Bao Ling, Deputy Director of Ministry of Commerce, were present to give authoritative interpretation for some hot topics and relevant policies about industry, trade and technological development, and deeply discussed national textile industry development policy and problems during the policy carry out. During the discussion, focused issues and brilliant analysis aroused applauses.

With the topic concerning hot points and key questions of textile industry, the conference gained high attention. About 370 customers participated in the conference.

Afterwards, all the delegates were invited to attend the reception dinner Oerlikon Evening. All the guests proposed a toast to look forward to recovering from economic recession and creating a brilliant future of China textile industry. China Textile Round

Table Conference 2009 got a complete success!

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