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Nabaltec AG: Nabaltec will develop a new energy concept for its Schwandorf site

Referendum in Schwandorf prevents increasing the energy supply from the neighboring waste incineration plant

(PresseBox) (Schwandorf, ) In response to the referendum of 26 July 2009, Nabaltec AG has undertaken to develop a new energy concept for its Schwandorf site, in conjunction with partners and experts. In the referendum, the citizens of Schwandorf voted down a proposal to increase the allowable waste volume processed at the Schwandorf waste incineration plant, thus limiting the allowable waste volume to a level below the plant's actual technical. The plant, which meets the latest technological standards, was built for the sole purpose of supplying the Nabaltec plant with steam and electricity. Increasing the waste incineration volume from 390,000 to 450,000 tons would have secured Nabaltec's long-term energy supply at full capacity.

Nabaltec AG's energy supply is currently supplied entirely by the waste incineration plant. Nabaltec's Schwandorf production volume has been reduced as a result of the global demand crisis. Since the proposal to increase the waste incineration volume has been rejected, Nabaltec AG will now develop a new energy concept, together with its partners. One option would to build a pulverized lignite power plant of our own which would secure the long-term energy supply after the global economy recovers, when all existing and planned production sites will be operating at full capacity.

Construction of the new plant for eco-friendly additives, in Schwandorf, is entirely on schedule, and the new plant, with an investment volume of about EUR 20 million, will go online in the fourth quarter of 2009. The product was successfully launched in recent months. Nabaltec's additives will take the place of the additives currently used in the PVC industry, which contain heavy metals and are therefore harmful for the environment. Nabaltec's products are purely mineral-based, eco-friendly and more functional.

Nabaltec AG

Nabaltec AG, with registered office in Schwandorf, a chemicals business which has received multiple awards for innovativeness, manufactures, develops and distributes highly specialized products based on aluminum hydroxide ("ATH") and aluminum oxide, as well as other raw materials, on an industrial scale through its "functional fillers" and "technical ceramics" divisions. The company's product range includes flame-retardant fillers for the plastics industry, used e.g. in cables in tunnels, airports, high-rise buildings and electronic devices, as well as base materials for use in technical ceramics, the refractory industry and catalysis. Unlike halogenated flame-retardant fillers, the products manufactured by the company's "functional fillers" division contain no hazardous substances and do not require separate disposal. Rather, the company's flame-retardant fillers actually decrease the development of fumes hazardous to human health and the environment in the event of fire. Nabaltec maintains production sites in Germany and the US and plans to continue to consolidate its market position by expanding capacity, further optimizing processes and quality and making strategic extensions to its product range. On the strength of its specialty products, the company strives to attain not just the quality leadership, but also the market leadership in each segment.