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Precise weighings with mobile wheel- and axle load scales <WAP-D>

Display device mobile digital amplifier for strain gauge <ADLM-HA>

(PresseBox) (Neustadt am Rübenberge, ) New in the product category of force measurement Müller Industrie-Elektronik offers the mobile wheel-/axle load platform scales and . These scales with excellent price-performance ratio have the advantage of being easily movable, quickly and easily implementable and almost everywhere to be operational. Thus, these mobile Floor Scales operate on all fixed and flat surfaces, after uncomplicated setup operation by one-person. The weights are determinated precisely and exactly where they are needed.

By using them, control weighings in all industrial sectors are easily feasible. The scales are designed for use in, inter alia, in the agriculture and forestry, in agricultural service supply agencies, in the building trade, at forwarding agencies, authorities and emergency services.

They are suitable for fast weighings carried out several cars or even for entire campaigns of several vehicles weighing up to 80 tons axle load. Besides, it is possible to determine the results of the campaigns in passing the instrument platforms without stopping. The efficient system enables the single wheel, axle load and hence also a total weight inquiry of the vehicle. Axis counting and inquiry of the net weight of the vehicles can also be carried out.

This serves among other things the profit statement by fast loading control with precise weight capture. An additional aspect of security is the avoidance from violation of weight limit and can help prevent penalties.

The robust platform scales of high-quality aluminium / high-grade steel in ultra slim design with only 18mm height (WAP-D 25,5mm) are designed for static and dynamic weighing and available for the ranges 10, 20 and 40 tons. The weigh-bridges are equipped with 4 stainless steel load cells (strain gauge principle) and correspond to protection class IP66. Due to the sealed construction of these bridges, soiling and an interference of the weighing results are nearly excluded.

While for the scales of the type with integrated display at static weighing, the vehicle wheels on the scale platform have to stop, the scale of type a dynamic drive weighing with slow crossing at speed to 10 km/h is possible. At this, the axle load total weight is determined by automatic adding up with the help of the mobile hand device to be connected to two scales.

By means of the hand device which is connected analogously by 10 m of measuring cable to the strain gauge bridges of the platform scales, the measuring results can either be logged instantly or also added up, stored and, when required, can be read or analyzed at the office PC via RS232 interface.

Display device mobile digital amplifier for strain gauge

Connecting , measuring, analyzing! To meet the requirements of the fast and simple monitoring and analysis, Mueller Industrie-Elektronik has developed the new mobile ADLM-HA.

Appointed for the examination of load/power cells in existing installations (e.g. for differential measurements), data are available for the logging of the measurements at the serial interfaces.

The ADLM-HA has inputs for two DMS strain gauges with sensor supply and a programmable sensitivity from 0,1 to 5 mV/V.

In the digital output, the two RS232-interfaces are used in the programming mode for the adjustment using visualization software, in the normal operation, they serve for the reading of the current measured values of the DMS measuring amplifier. Additionally, there are two standard analogue outputs.

The adjustment of the ADLM-HA is done with special programming software or by the four programming keys at the unit.

The selection of the data in the ASCII file format can take place with each terminal program, whereby the possible measured value gross error of the equipment amounts to 0.2% of the end value. The temperature coefficient is < 50 ppm/K.

The attractive design of the ergonomically formed aluminum housing is supported by the large, very well readable display (background lighting switchable). The processor-controlled multi-function display shows the current, the min/max and the diagnostic values.

Developed as mobile measuring instrument for service and analysis, the ADLM-HA is more and more used as stationary unit in customized applications. Thus, for the collection of load quantities in the construction of special vehicles, an additional assembly of multichannel measuring systems was developed.

A protection kit with adjustable stretcher belt, connection plug, charge/supply unit, adapter contained for the connection of the measuring cell cables and a V24 cable connection with software is in the accessories.