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Washed and ready for use again: New Miele machines for contract cleaners

Ready-to-use mops and cleaning cloths

(PresseBox) (Gütersloh, ) Miele Professional is to present two new washer-extractors with load capacities of 6.5 kg and 8 kg respectively at the 'Altenpflege 2013' trade show. These machines, marketed with the MopStar logo are due to be introduced in May 2013. Both models feature patented laundry care technology which considerably simplifies the everyday work of contract cleaners. What's more, these machines are able to produce ready-to-use mops and cloths by impregnating textiles in the machine with detergent and disinfectant - thereby cutting both costs and effort to a considerable degree. Over the course of the year, further easy-to-use machines from the MopStar family are due to round off this product range.

An easily surveyed fascia panel separates mop and cleaning cloth reprocessing into two distinct areas. Programmes are chosen using a rotary selector and appear in plain text in the display. A large number of special contract cleaning programmes meets all needs: From various wash cycles for mops and cleaning cloths to programmes for thermal and chemo-thermal disinfection. Temperatures and holding times can be selected to suit individual requirements. The disinfection programmes are fully compliant with demands imposed by Germany's Robert Koch Institute - a pre-requisite for the use of these machines in nursing homes. Furthermore, there is also a special programme catering for washing new mops before first use, making them fully absorbent from the outset.

Mops and cleaning cloths can be conditioned by adding liquid detergent and disinfectant on all MopStar machines, rendering them ready for immediate use. This process was patented for Miele and effectively saves time and water compared with the conventional manual process. In addition to this, residual moisture can be set to one of four settings, flexibly adapting the machine to rise to specific challenges.

This ensures that all contract cleaners can expect top performance from the very beginning.

A dewatering spin cycle preceding the main wash goes a long way towards ensuring particularly clean mops whilst at the same time reducing cycle times. Starting the cycle with a spin has the effect of removing coarse soil and dirty water, allowing a greater volume of fresh water to enter the machine in the main wash. This process is an integral aspect of all Miele wash cycles for used mops.

But, over time, it is not only optimum wash results that count. The gentle treatment of mops and cloths is also an important issue. Consequently, all new washer-extractors aimed at contract cleaners are equipped with the patented Miele honeycomb drum. The sculptured surface of this drum with its hexagonal pattern creates a thin film of water between textiles and the body of the drum. The smaller drum perforations reduce mechanical strain on fabrics considerably. This essentially reduces what is known as 'hole penetration' to a minimum - even at high spin speeds, ensuring that cleaning materials last longer and also cutting costs.

All new MopStar machines feature Miele's tried-and-tested, large-diameter dump valve: This key component has a streamlined design without edges and corners where lint and dirt could otherwise collect, guaranteeing the unimpeded discharge of water from the machine. Furthermore, cantilever heater elements are designed to ensure the free passage of water, preventing a build-up of fluff and detergent and making for an optimum wash process. Miele offers a wide range of accessories complementing these machines, allowing customisation to cater for individual requirements: From plinths which make machines easier to operate by raising them off the ground through to a variety of dispenser pump systems.

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