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Mop, wash and go: Mop cleaning on smallest of footprints

Miele washer-extractor with 6.5 kg load capacity now allows impregnation of cleaning cloths

(PresseBox) (Gütersloh, ) Two years ago, the first machine from Miele's renowned Little Giant range specifically designed for contract cleaners was presented to the trade public. The PW 5064 has since come to stand for groundbreaking, innovative features such as the honeycomb drum for mops and cleaning cloths, high standards of disinfection and optimum wash performance. This most successful of machines is now to be relaunched as a modified version: For the first time in this category, not only cleaning cloths but also mops will be able to be impregnated with detergent or disinfectant for immediate reuse.

This innovation is one of many improvements to a machine which already sets standards. Impregnating cloths with detergent or disinfectant represents a huge saving in terms of labour, water and chemicals. To allow immediate reuse of cleaning cloths, extremely high residual moisture levels of up to 200% are required. The required degree of dewatering can be selected individually: Available spin speeds range from 200 to 1400 rpm.

Furthermore, this machine allows the reprocessing of microfibre cloths. In the process, cloths are washed with disinfectant and impregnated, ready for immediate reuse. This approach also saves time and detergent, apart from the benefits of increased process reliability.

Perfect cleaning results are one thing, gentle reprocessing of mops and cleaning cloths under everyday conditions another. For this reason, Miele's professional mop washer is equipped with the patented honeycomb drum, in which laundry glides effortlessly on a thin film of water. The smaller drum perforations reduce mechanical strain on laundry considerably. This reduces the risk of 'hole penetration' and laddering caused by centrifugal force and ensures that fabrics last longer, reducing replacement costs.

Improved spin cycle: Dirty water removed before wash cycle starts

To ensure the removal of coarse debris, the honeycomb drum on the PW 5064 features additional perforations in the rear panel. Modified application technology with an altered wash rhythm ensures perfect wash performance. To further improve cleaning results, a special initial dewatering cycle has been added to spin dirt out of mops prior to the first water intake. This allows more fresh water to be taken in during the main wash cycle and ensures better detergency.

New On/Off switch reduces standby consumption

A contract cleaner's daily work requires dependable and easytooperate machines which support work processes and cut down on labour costs. Miele's userfriendly singleknob controls have now been reworked to provide greater convenience. Better still, a new On/Off switch reduces standby consumption and saves electricity. It also allows the machine to be switched off at a moment's notice.

There are two main programme ranges for reprocessing mops and cleaning cloths. Further special programmes, e.g. for washing mops before first use, can be selected via the display. Two cleaning programmes, one thermal disinfection programme (85°C with a 15minute holding time) and one chemothermal disinfection programme (60°C with a 20minute holding time) can be selected for mopheads. Further temperatures and holding times are possible. Cleaning cloths are washed at 40°C or 60°C and can also be thermally or chemothermally disinfected. The disinfection programmes meet the requirements of the Robert Koch Institute - a prerequisite for the use of this washing machine in institutional care centres. To ensure thorough disinfection at all times, all programme parameters in disinfection programmes are continuously monitored.

Detergent dispensing improvements

Improvements have also been introduced with respect to detergent dispensing. A newly designed detergent dispenser with a special surface finish ensures that detergents and chemicals are rinsed in more thoroughly. As before, dispenser pumps for liquid products can also be connected. A new adapter, patents pending, dispenses liquid agents via the detergent dispenser drawer directly into the machine and, at the same time, prevents these liquid agents from mixing prematurely. The PW 5064 washerextractor enables the control of up to six dispenser pumps and informs users via the washerextractor display when a container with cleaning or disinfecting agent is empty. The 'Container empty' sensors for dispenser pumps together with the adapter for liquid dispensing ensures optimum process security.

These improvements are complemented by a new 75 cm plinth, allowing the machine to be connected to a wall drain at a height of up to 50 cm above the floor. At the same time, the plinth is able to house a stainlesssteel fluff filter to remove coarse debris and protect against clogging. Matching tumble dryers are also available. If required, the washerextractor and tumble dryer can be stacked, the ideal solution in small rooms where space is at a premium.

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