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Miele flatwork ironers now even more efficient

Up to 96 kg of ironed laundry per hour / Heat-retaining cover prevents energy losses

(PresseBox) (Gütersloh, ) The current generation of Miele flatwork ironers perfectly complements Miele's washerextractors and tumble dryers. In combination with the patented Miele honeycomb drum, the laundry outfeed tables on flatwork ironers - also patented - guarantee perfect smoothing and simple operation. The entire process is now even more convenient thanks to a completely redesigned heatretaining cover, now available as an optional extra.

Each outfeed table features a sculptured and perforated surface consisting of hexagons. The holes at the points where hexagons meet allow cooler air to be drawn in to replace the heat rising from the flatwork. This allows textiles to cool down while still on the outfeed table, which in turn fixes the laundry finish in place. Additional workplace convenience is offered by a new heatretaining cover. This prevents heat losses and ensures lower temperatures around the roller as well as cutting energy bills. This cover also prevents exposure to the roller, offering increased safety to operatives, particular where laundry machines are operated by disabled persons. A buildup of dust on the roller is also prevented. The Aramid needle felt cloth covering the roller is also subject by a much lesser degree to discolouration. Both these aspects reduce the cleaning effort considerably and extend the durability of the cloth.

This series of flatwork ironers comprises three models, the PM 1318, PM 1418 and the PM 1421. With a useful width of 1680 mm to 1990 mm, these ironers achieve an ideal laundry finish in OPLs in hotels and care centres as well as in commercial laundries. All models are available with gas or electric heating.

Fastest heat transfer thanks to aluminium trough

The aluminium used in the trough conducts heat around 4 times faster than steel. Its smooth surface is particularly gentle to laundry and only needs waxing in the most seldom of cases. With a contact angle of 167°, the trough offers a large contact surface and good contact pressure, resulting in a perfect finish and optimum throughput.

As heat distribution is of the essence, the bulk of heat is introduced on the infeed side where a large proportion of moisture needs to be evaporated fast: On electrically heated models, this is where most heater elements are located. On gas models, dualburner technology ensures rapid heat transfer at this point. This results in excellent heat distribution and also reduces energy consumption compared with the previous range by more than 10%. Depending on the model and residual moisture, up to 96 kg of laundry can be ironed in a single hour. On the outfeed side, pickers ensure that laundry glides effortlessly onto the honeycomb table.

As the roller speed and temperature is infinitely adjustable, ironer output can be closely matched to the individual needs of laundries. Speeds and temperatures are set at the ergonomic control panel which features clear symbols and large, easytouse rotary knobs. A flexible footswitch allows the machine to be stopped instantaneously at any time. In emergencies, the finger guard ensures that roller rotation stops and the trough is lowered.

These flatwork ironers are designed for use by two persons but can also be operated by a single person by fitting a returnfeed module, available as an optional extra. Switching between throughfeed and returnfeed operation is simple. Laundry feed belts are also available as accessories, preventing laundry slippage during the feedin operation. Leafspring padding represents a further option, allowing uniform contact pressure and enhanced evaporation of steam, further improving the quality of laundry finish. A special feature of this type of padding is its durability and resilience: If cared for properly, this padding will outlast the flatwork ironer itself.

Miele & Cie. KG

Miele is a world leader in the production of premium domestic appliances including cooking, baking and steamcooking appliances, refrigeration products, coffee makers, dishwashers and laundry and floorcare products. This lineup is augmented by dishwashers, washerextractors and tumble dryers for commercial use as well as washerdisinfectors for use in medical and laboratory applications (Miele Professional). The company, founded in 1899, has 8 production plants in Germany and one plant each in Austria, the Czech Republic, China and Romania. 2008/09 turnover amounted to approx. EUR 2.77 bn with sales outside Germany accounting for 70%. Miele is represented in almost 100 countries by wholly owned subsidiaries or by importers. The familyrun Miele company, now in its fourth generation of ownership, employs a workforce of over 16,000, twothirds thereof in Germany. The company's headquarters are located in Gütersloh, Westphalia.