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Organic Electronics Enables Common Platform for Online and Print

(PresseBox) (Wiesbaden, ) Digital content is mobilizing oldline print media to make them fit for the future. The rapid progress of organic and printed electronics is uniting the best of two worlds: Paperthin color displays on flexible films, embedded in the highly appealing context of highgloss print magazines, brochures and packaging containers, could generate valueadded interfunctionalities between online and print.

Symbiotic Fusion: Electronics and Paper

A functional fusion of classic media printed on paper and digital video screens is currently being explored by large print and publishing conglomerates around the world. There are various pilot projects undergoing tests for acceptance and efficacy. Recent example: the U.S. publication 'Vanity Fair' and, no less glamorous, the German 'Gala' combining 'VIP advertising' campaigns with animated imagery on LCD screens embedded in the magazine's printed pages.

A functional interconnect of digital and print presentations would enable publishers to develop economically targeted crossmedia strategies that deliver frequently updated editorial content and place commercial messages next to it, such as advertising specials and inserts to visually support valuable brands.

"Print has best chances of becoming the preferred gateway to the digital world," says Dr. Adrian Weser, Director of Marketing, Research and Services at Bauer Media KG, Hamburg, Germany. "With new, interactive functions such as 2-D barcodes or augmented reality, printed media will offer direct access to the digital dimension."

LOPE-C 2010: The Future of Online and Print

Adrian Weser is one of several prominent keynote speakers at LOPE-C 2010 (Large Area-Organic and Printed Electronics Convention). LOPE-C will take place from 31 May to 2 June 2010 at the Congress Center of Messe Frankfurt, Germany. With more than 150 presentations given by leading experts from industry and research from all over the world, the main technical conference of LOPE-C 2010 will present the state of the art, and future directions, of organic and printed electronics, as well as their envisioned applications. More than 800 attendees are expected to participate in this year's event.

At the LOPE-C 2010 Business Conference, top executives and industry analysts will introduce the latest product innovations, discuss the challenges of the current financial environment, and propose solutions. Greatly surpassing preshow expectations, the LOPE-C 2010 Exhibition will feature more than 80 companies and organizations. The show floor was substantially expanded to accommodate all exhibitors. Among them are leading vendors of specialized machinery and processes for printed electronics. For the first time, they will demonstrate printing equipment in full operation.

Thus, LOPE-C, inaugurated in 2009 by OE-A, has proved itself to become the world leading conference and central market place of an exciting and viable future industry: largearea, organic and printed electronics.

Special Focus on Printing and Publishing

As the official annual event of OE-A, LOPE-C covers the entire field of organic, inorganic and printed electronic components, systems and materials, addressing largescale industrial, as well as consumer applications. The event unites researchers, developers, manufacturers, investors as well as end users in one place.

This year, LOPE-C will put a special focus on newly emerging crossmedia solutions that combine digital content and print. Such crossmedia strategies are based on embedded displays and ereaders to add moving imagery and text to conventional static print media. They are developed in close cooperation with printing and publishing houses around the world. Largescale future users of organic and printed electronics, publishers are experimenting with highly effective and attractive presentation platforms delivering novel, distinctive features.

"We strongly believe that print media haven't even come close to the potential limits of their efficacy", says Yunfeng Cui, Director Media Solutions at Gruner+Jahr Media Sales. Mr. Cui is a speaker at the LOPE-C 2010 Business Conference: "We have new challenges for our partners in the printing machinery industry: give us more flexibility and more innovation."

The upcoming LOPE-C 2010 is set to offer both, flexibility and innovation - covering the theoretical bases as well as the practical dimensions of a novel interfunctional media structure linking digital content and print.

About LOPE-C

LOPE-C (Large Area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention) is the leading, fully industrysponsored annual conferences and exhibition of organic and printed electronics. LOPE-C presents the economic trends and the scope of scientific achievements in the field. The convention focuses on the production and application of organic and printed electronics. LOPE-C 2010 is held May 31 to June 2, 2010, at the Congress Center of Messe Frankfurt, Germany. It is jointly organized by the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) and Messe Frankfurt Ausstellungen GmbH.

About OE-A

Formed in 2004 as a Working Group within VDMA (German Engineering Federation), the OE-A (Organic Electronics Association) is the foremost professional body representing the worldwide organic and printed electronics industry. With more than 135 members throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, OE-A represents the entire industrial value chain. The OE-A Roadmap, fixing time lines for applications and technologies, is now out in its third edition.

Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

Messe Frankfurt Ausstellungen GmbH is a fully owned subsidiary of Messe Frankfurt GmbH. At an annual turnover of € 440m (2008), Messe Frankfurt is the world's largest fair company operating their own fair grounds. The globally active holding operates a worldwide network of 28 daughter companies, five branch offices and 52 international distribution partners and representatives. With this broadbased structure, Messe Frankfurt is present in more than 150 countries, with important industry events in more than 30 locations. In 2008 Messe Frankfurt organized a total of 102 fairs, 60 of which took place in foreign countries.