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pressupdate: PECOM, control system and drive retrofit

Brazilian customer "Jornal Do Commercio" receives the latest control technology and control console system for its UNISET

(PresseBox) (Augsburg, ) manroland web systems develops integrated solutions for retrofits on older printing presses to reduce press downtimes and associated costs while boosting the performance of the printing system.

Retrofits increase a printing system's availability and keep its automation up to date. A retrofit optimizes system performance, combined with higher product quality and fewer production standstills.

Quantum leap in control, operator, and drive technology

Better product quality and fewer production stops: retrofitted control systems provide clear performance advantages for printing companies. With these system updates, companies can implement additional upgrades or closed-loop systems on existing presses, which can easily be integrated in next-generation systems. In combination with INTERBUS technology and Ethernet communication, a new control equipped with the right application software also improves printing unit diagnostics. Faulty modules or operating conditions in the aggregate can be pinpointed and displayed in the monitor or via remote call. Ethernet interfaces ensure optimal print system networking. All data on the press or production status are centrally available. The control console provides both added operating comfort as well as functional advantages and a touch screen facilitates the selection of key functions. This improves process visualization and enables coordinated, automatic workflows. The operator has all production data at a glance, including specific color, dampening, and register values. A 19" monitor visualizes the production parameters and presettings in a series of graphics, and documents notifications, operating conditions, and alarms. Inconsistencies can be easily diagnosed and quickly remedied - or avoided altogether through prompt intervention.

Jornal Do Commercio: complete retrofit in 5 weeks

The Brazilian newspaper printer Jornal Do Commercio in Recife has had its UNISET system made ready for the future with ten new printing units. In five weeks, manroland websystems technicians upgraded the system, which was originally built in 1999. The conversion occurred one section at a time, ensuring that production could be covered by the second section. "We are extremely pleased with this modern control technology, which allows us to achieve significant improvements in the productivity and product quality of our presses," says Satyro Gil de Sousa, Industrial Director at Jornal Do Commercio. "We've especially made significant strides when it comes to the control console operation. The training courses really helped us to master this conversion process. Our operators are absolutely impressed by the central control functions."

Further steps in planning

Next year, the reel splicers that still have EAE controls will be upgraded with a PECOM system. This will enable fully integrated operation of the entire system.

"Once again, we have a UNISET that will continue to deliver its usual high level of performance and excellent print quality, now and in the future," summarizes de Sousa.

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