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Laird Technologies Releases White Paper on Automotive EMI Sources and Shielding

White Paper Discusses the Need for Containing and Suppressing Automotive EMI Potential through Shielding and Ferrite Solutions

(PresseBox) (St. Louis, Missouri, USA, ) Laird Technologies, Inc., a global leader in the design and supply of customized performancecritical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, today announced the release of a white paper discussing the sources of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in automotive systems. The white paper, "Automotive EMI Shielding - Controlling Automotive Electronic Emissions and Susceptibility with Proper EMI Suppression Methods[]," addresses various electronic systems found on automobiles, and the need of containing and suppressing their EMI potential with each other through EMI shielding and ferrite solutions.

The paper details how it is possible to integrate increasing numbers of electrical and electronic systems into the confined spaces of automobiles through the advancement of technology. This advancement poses the problem of keeping the EMI of these systems from interfering with each other through radiated and conducted emissions. "Today's automobiles are not just mechanical marvels, they are electronic platforms. Even the least expensive models have a myriad of microprocessors and safety critical components," commented Gary Fenical, EMC Technical Representatives and NARTE Certified EMC & ESD Engineer of Laird Technologies. "These must all have the capability to work together in all types of electromagnetic environments without failure or glitches that can cause a safety issue."

The paper goes into further detail discussing the susceptibility of these systems to EMI that is both internal and external to the vehicle. If not properly controlled, the interference can cause each system to malfunction, and even fail.

"The automotive environment grows more complex every year as continued electronics are added to both mission critical systems and experience enhancing components (such as GPS, satellite radio, integrated cell technology, etc)," explained John Noto, Laird Technologies Americas EMI Metals Product Manager. "It is vastly important for automotive engineers to consider the potential effects of internal and external EMI as early as possible in the design cycle."

Many products are reviewed in the process of efficiently containing and suppressing EMI potential in these systems. By properly selecting the correct shielding and ferrite solutions for these systems, complete electromagnetic compatibility can be achieved.

"Appropriate selection of EMI shielding materials plays an important role in controlling or mitigating EMI in automobile electronic systems," said Colin Tong, Laird Technologies EMI Materials Engineer. "The demand to reduce costs and improve performance while increasing complexity has led to the development of versatile and higher performance EMI shielding materials and products."

The white paper is available free for download on

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