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Reduced Cost of Energy and Higher Energy Yield for Inland Projects

juwi and Kenersys Build On ATS Hybrid Towers

(PresseBox) (Münster, ) On the way to a global electric power supply by renewable energies wind energy plays a dominant role. Especially on-shore on inland sites there is a huge potential left. These on-shore opportunities ideally can be tapped by multi-megawatt turbines with large rotor diameters and higher hub heights hub heights.

With higher hub heights these turbines use the atmospheric layer with lower roughness and higher and steadier winds to produce more energy from the wind at a given site. Therefore they operate more profitably.

Project developer juwi, the wind turbine manufacturer Kenersys and the manufacturer of concrete-towers, Advanced Tower Systems (ATS), have jointly developed a tower concept to unlock the potential of these sites in a cost-effective way. With a project near the community of Dannstadt (State of Rhineland-Palatinate, Southern Germany) this concept has been launched these days. By the end of the year juwi will have realized two Kenersys K100 2.MW at the Dannstadt site with ATS hybrid towers with 135 meters hub height. The aim is to maximize the energy yield while reducing cost of energy during the overall project lifetime.

"More than one year we have been performing an intense measurement program with the ATS hybrid tower at the Grevenbroich wind test site. And the result is extremely promising. Instead of the calculated higher energy yield of 18 percent with 135 meter hub height in comparison with 100 meters, we have 25 percent more energy yield. With this result we are ready for the first hybrid tower serial project with juwi and Kenersys", Frans Brughuis, Managing Director of ATS explains.

For the project realisation juwi counts on Kenersys turbines K100 2.5MW as well. The K100 2.5MW has a rated power of 2.5 megawatt, a rotor diameter of 100 meters and a swept area of nearly 8,000 square meters. At a hub height of 135 meters the machine is a IEC type class III turbine and is ideally suited for the Dannstadt project. The two turbines provide approximately 4,000 households with clean and economic wind energy.

Paulo Fernando Soares, Kenersys Group CEO: "With this project we combine state-of-the-art turbine technology with a ground-breaking tower concept, executed by one of the leading project developers. With this concept we unlock a large potential of yet untapped on-shore sites on the mainland."

"The technical solution of this cooperation enables us to gain higher energy yields at lower cost of energy. With this concept wind energy is even more competitive and is ground-breaking for the 100 percent Renewable Energy aim, Marie-Luise Pörtner and Frank Finzel, CEOs of juwi Wind GmbH state.


juwi is one of the leading companies in the field of renewable energies. Since 1996 the project development company has been designing, building, financing and operating plants that harness renewable energies. The CEOs Matthias Willenbacher and Fred Jung together transformed the company from a two-person operation focusing on wind farm project development into an internationally active group with about 900 employees and an annual revenue of approximately 900 million Euro (year 2010 exp.). To date, juwi has installed more than 400 wind turbines producing a total output of about 600 megawatts, while in the solar sector, juwi has built around 1,300 PV systems with a total capacity of over 500 megawatts. The company operates internationally and has subsidiaries in Germany, the United States, France, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland and Costa Rica.

Advanced Tower Systems (ATS):

Advanced Tower Systems (ATS) is a fast-growing business that has developed a new tower concept for large wind turbines as an economically and logistically attractive alternative to steel towers.

ATS provides towers for larger and higher wind turbines to optimize the energy yield due to the higher wind speeds at higher hub heights. The patented hybrid tower combines a pre-cast concrete segmented tower with tubular steel sections on top. The lower tower sections, which require a diameter bigger than the 4.3m transport limit, are vertically divided into three or more slender segments made of high-quality pre-cast concrete. The segments can be easily transported via ordinary trucks.

ATS is a joint venture of MECAL, Hurks Group BV and juwi Holding AG, established in May 2005.

Kenersys Europe GmbH

Kenersys is a worldwide operating manufacturer of wind turbine generators. Founded in 2003 as an engineering company focused on wind, the company has become part of the Kalyani Group since 2007. With its two platforms K82 2.0MW and K100 2.5MW the company focuses on the on-shore market. A total of 190 employees work for the company group. The headquarters and center of design and development are based in Muenster/Germany. The production plants are based in Wismar, Eastern Germany and Baramati, India, serving the Indian market.