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OpenVPN-Server CS200

The all-in-one remote maintenance solution which will grow with your special application

(PresseBox) (Rheinmünster, ) In the context of remote maintenance via internet it becomes more and more important not only to remote single IP adresses but whole IP subnetworks. That requires complete solutions which can solve this problem without external data services. An external data service would imply an open circuit of the VPN protection at the service provider's doors. Moreover, they cause additional operating costs. The CS200 is able to solve this problem completely self- sufficient. There is no need for a VPN server or data service provider outside your company. This ensures a complete VPN guard between the terminals. The CS200 consists of a configurable OpenVPN server that is configured to work on an industrial PC in a switchboard. OpenVPN offers the opportunity to connect up to 253 remote maintenance subnets and 62 remote maintenance PCs. The remote maintenance subnets are realised through special routers, with remote maintenance PCs being usual Win-XP, WIN7 or Linux PCs. The CS200 allows all terminals to work as OpenVPN clients. It's major task is to arrange the VPN data stream in a way that all terminals are able to communicate with each other. Therefore, configurable access authorisations need to be considered. The following hardware can be attached to the global subnet data link of the CS200:

- UMTS router CR230U
- DSL router CR220N with DSL modem AM100
- CR220N with data link to your existing DSL router
- Remote maintenance PC (WIN-XP, WIN7, Linux) provided with OpenVPN GUI
- Industrial PCs (WIN-XP, WIN7, Linux) provided with OpenVPN GUI