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IAS: Analogue Current Sensor for High-Side Shunt-based Current Monitoring

(PresseBox) (Dillenburg, ) At the Sensor+Test fair in Nuremberg, Isabellenhütte unveiled its precision current sensor with analogue voltage output. The new sensor, the IAS, does not require a digital interface or digital converter, reducing size and costs - an important benefit for users in many different fields (e.g. automotive applications, energy management systems and general current sensing applications). The choice of used shunts ranges from 0.1 to 1 mOhm, meaning the measurement area and the dynamic range can be set for up to 100 dB; with a 500-µOhm, for example, pulse current of 800 A can be measured for 100 ms at a resolution of more than 20 mA.

The IAS is a good alternative to magnetic converters and boasts advantages such as shuntbased measurement with good longterm stability of more than 0.5 %, good linearity coupled with high dynamic response, and compact dimensions to the point.

The IAS is also a suitable alternative to DIN Shunts. Here, the main benefits lie in the far lower losses coupled with greater resolution caused by the use of lowresistance shunts.

A further merit of the new sensor is highside measurement, meaning no separate supply voltage is needed. The typical offset for unidirectional operation is < 3 µV. The operating temperature range can be adjusted within a range of - 40 to + 125 °C, depending on the application. The use of a controller enables customers to read out or process the 0 - 5 V output signals.