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Heiler Software releases figures for 3rd quarter 2009/10

(PresseBox) (Stuttgart, ) Heiler Software AG, one of the leading providers of electronic product information solutions and catalogue management systems, increased consolidated revenues for the third quarter of fiscal year 2009/10 (04/01/2010 - 06/30/2010) from 2.77 million Euro to 3.03 million Euro (+9%) when compared to the preceding second quarter 2009/10. Sales revenues were therefore slightly above the ones of the third quarter of last fiscal year of 3.02 million EUR. The growth when compared to the corresponding quarter of last year stems mainly from consulting revenues with an increase from 1.29 million EUR to 1.45 million EUR (+12%) and from maintenance revenues with an increase from 0.61 million EUR to 0.65 million EUR (+7%). Contrary, license revenues remained with 0.63 million EUR below the 0.76 million EUR of the prior year (-17%) and hosting/ASPrevenues decreased from 0.30 million EUR to 0.21 million EUR (-30%).

Cost of goods sold increased from 1.28 million Euro to 1.44 million Euro (+13%) when compared to the corresponding quarter of the prior year. Contrary, operating expenses could be decreased from 1.75 million Euro to 1.68 million Euro (-4%). Therefore, earnings before interest and taxes decreased from 0.01 million Euro to -0.08 million Euro when compared to the prior year. Interest income, due to the strongly decreasing shortterm market interest level, contributed with 0.03 million EUR a significant lower portion to operating income when compared to the corresponding period of the prior year. Accordingly, earnings before taxes for the third fiscal quarter 2009/10 decreased from 0.09 million EUR to -0.05 million EUR and net income for the period decreased from 0.06 million EUR to -0.04 million EUR.

As at 06/30/2010, liquid funds and shareholders' equity with 14.8 million Euro and 19.9 million Euro, respectively, remained almost unchanged when compared to the beginning of the reported quarter (14.8 million Euro and 19.8 million Euro, respectively). The equity ratio decreased slightly from 86% to 85%. Thus, Heiler Software still shows a very solid asset side and financial position. More information as well as the complete financial report for the third quarter 2009/10 can be found at