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Ticket printer GeBE-MOTION - Does the job - no questions asked!

(PresseBox) (Germering, ) GeBE Elektronik and Feinwerktechnik GmbH introduces the new ticket printer GeBE-MOTION. This printer impresses through exceptionally high operational reliability and low service cost. The presenter easily handles paper thicknesses of up to 150µm - no matter the length of a coupon or receipt. The most impressive feature is that this only fist sized printer will deliver print jobs even if paper is pulled hard or unevenly. It even performs if the output slot is temporarily blocked. The clever Anti Paper Jam function stops and starts printing in such cases, so that paper transport is assured. The presenter's Paper Retract function pulls forgotten receipts back into the secure terminal housing, so they don't land in the wrong hands.

Quick reaction

The GeBE-MOTION, including the front mounted presenter, measures only 122 x 82 x 108mm. This ultra compact unit prints on individually adjustable paper width of 60 - 82mm. Printed receipts remain static until a user takes hold of it. This activates a pull sensor which triggers a paper feed of up to 400mm/s - a speed that successfully prevents premature ticket tearing.

Stays unperturbed

Every print job is completed thanks to the Anti Paper Jam feature of the GeBE-MOTION. The Anti Jam Function triggers a paper transport stop as soon as it senses receipt pulling or the plugging of the output slot. Printing commences as soon as the disturbance is remedied. The Paper Retract Function prevents inappropriate use of valuable or data sensitive receipts; those receipts will be pulled back into the terminal after an adjustable time period. The GeBE-MOTION comes with USB and RS232 connections on its control board.

Initial information:

GeBE Elektronik und Feinwerktechnik GmbH

GeBE Elektronik und Feinwerktechnik GmbH has been an accepted partner in the industry for decades as a manufacturer of professional output devices. Due to a reliable system for quality assurance and many years of experience in manufacturing, GeBE has created a large customer base for small and medium sized order quantities. With cleverly structured modular systems, solutions can be realized fast, easily, and costeffectively for our customers. GeBE supplies the components as well as complete devices, particularly thermal printers, controllers, and accessories.