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Received order for GEA TDS GmbH of the Cheese Plant "Schwarzenfeld"

(PresseBox) (Sarstedt, ) The Naabtaler Dairy in Schwarzenfeld has become a leader for the cheese brand "Grünlander" in the European market. This large whole cheese is available in different variants and demanded very well by the public. Based on this success and its market position Naabtaler has decided now to enlarge the production facilities by a complete new cheese plant.

After a very extensive investigation Naabtaler has decided to accomplish the complete cheese plant project with GEA TDS and de Klokslag. Already for a longer time both these companies work close together for cheese plant projects like this. Both do benefit from their flexibility and experience in this market field.

Thus this new Naabtaler cheese plant will be a new challenge, the plant is designed for producing the "Grünlander" from the raw milk reception to the ready salted cheese.

Plant Description: The plant is designed for an milk intake capacity of 40.000 l / h

Within the delivery range of GEA TDS and de Klokslag the following is planned:
- Milk treatment from raw milk storage via a new pasteurization line for 50.000 l/h, equipped with separators from GEA Westfalia Separator for cleaning and sterilization of milk includ-ing fat content standardization and a cheese milk tank farm.
- Four cheese manufacturers including equipment for filling, whey distraction, washing wa-ter, emptying, etc.
- Curd filling system Conomatic of de Klokslag for 4.0 t/h with integrated dosage for herbs and spicery
- Fully CIP capable de Klokslag cheese presses including conveying equipment and form washing unit and a fully automated salt bath
- Extension of the existing whey treatment facility from the buffering to the separation from GEA Westfalia as well as a new, efficient heat return
- Ultra filtration unit from GEA Liquid Proccessing for extraction of whey protein concen-trates having an intake volume of 55.000 l/h
- Production of process water from the incoming whey with reverse osmosis and reverse osmosis polisher equipment from GEA Liquid Proccessing
- CIP unit for the complete, new plant

A special importance within this new plant has the innovative filling technology for cut cheese applying the Conomatic from de Klokslag. The thereby achieved benefits can be seen in the complete process - from raw milk intake to the ready cheese as well as using a GEA TDS recipe automation program enabling a complete, overall data acquisition and control.

The first cheese production line is scheduled for December this year, the complete plant then shall be handed over to Naabtaler by February 2010.


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