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Leading European Fuel Cell Industry Association Appoints Andreas Froemmel of FuelCell Energy Solutions to Executive Board

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- Andreas Froemmel, FCES Vice President of Business and Commercial Development, is appointed to New Energy World - Industry Group (NEW-IG) Executive Board
- Joins five existing Board members from industry to collectively educate policymakers on the benefits of fuel cell deployment in Europe

FuelCell Energy Solutions, GmbH (FCES), a provider of ultra-clean, efficient and reliable stationary fuel cell power plants, announced the appointment of Andreas Froemmel, Vice President of Business and Commercial Development at FCES, to the Executive Board of New Energy World - Industry Group (NEW-IG); the industry association educating and promoting fuel cell implementation in Europe. NEW-IG is the sole industry partner of the European Commission and the Research community (N.ERGHY) within the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU). Mr. Froemmel, the sixth member of the Executive Board and therewith the FCH JU Governing Board, brings with him over 15 years of experience in the energy industry and will play an integral role in the NEW-IG's mission to advance the market development of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies in Europe.

Commenting on the outcome of the elections, Pierre-Etienne Franc, Chairman of NEW-IG said, "The NEW-IG Board brings together a balanced representation of the various industry fields involved in developing fuel cells and hydrogen. This diversity reflects our broad membership. It is one of our strongest points as a European association."

"We will keep working hand in hand with the European Commission and the Research Grouping to unleash the full potential of the FCH 2 JU under Horizon 2020. For this new period we will look to deliver a new generation of materials and continue improving existing prototypes as well as to demonstrate on a large scale the readiness of the technology to enter the market in the fields of transport (cars, buses and refueling infrastructure) and energy (clean and green hydrogen production and distribution, energy storage and stationary power generation). Members of NEW-IG will take full advantage of their role as priority-setters of the programme's actions and developments," continued Mr. Franc. "Today, the association brings together 85 member companies from 18 countries and we expect the constituency to expand further, reflecting the unique value we bring to Europe to invest in a clean and secure future."

"Europe's transition to clean on-site power that enhances the resiliency of power supply is reliant on the implementation of integrated solutions incorporating fuel cell and hydrogen technologies for power, heat and transport fuel," said newly appointed Board member Andreas Froemmel. "My key objective as a board member is to assimilate these different needs in a manner that is complimentary to the NEW-IG policy and that is supportive of the market development and continued progress of FCH JU."

"To accomplish our mission, we have to ensure that the markets are ready for our solutions and educate the policy makers about the attributes and benefits of these technologies, for both industry and society, so that the appropriate regulatory framework is present to support greater adoption," continued Mr. Froemmel.

The NEW-IG mission is to enhance environmental and economic sustainability while positioning Europe at the forefront of global energy-related technological developments. Its unique public-private partnership with N.ERGHY within the FCH JU supports Europe's development and commercial introduction of clean technologies in the transport and energy sectors. Learn more about the NEW-IG's objectives at

By helping establish the priorities of the FCH JU annual and multi-annual implementation plans, NEW-IG Executive Board members are entrusted with the power and opportunity to shape the focus of the FCH JU program. From 2008 - 2013, the FCH JU had a budget of €940 million available. The second generation of the program (FCH 2 JU) has been approved with a more than 40% increase in funding, achieving a total budget of €1.33 billion.

Mr. Froemmel is the sixth member of the NEW-IG Executive Board, adding FCES to the list of companies represented by its members including Pierre-Etienne Franc from Air Liquide, Georg Frank of Daimler AG, Gaelle Hotellier from Siemens AG, Henri Winand from Intelligent Energy and Thomas Melczer from Proton Motor .

Mr. Froemmel's leadership at FCES, since the company's founding in 2012, has directly impacted the market awareness of affordable and ultra-clean stationary fuel cell power plants in Europe including installations in Berlin with the German Government and in London, including a downtown office tower, 20 Fenchurch, and the Crown Estate owned Regent Street development. Mr. Froemmel actively engages with European legislative and regulatory officials to explain how stationary fuel cell power plants are at the confluence of energy, environmental and economic policies by providing enhanced grid resiliency, delivered in a manner that is virtually absent of pollutants, while creating local jobs, including manufacturing positions, as local demand supports.

About NEW-IG:

Bringing together 85 companies, New Energy World Industry Grouping (NEW-IG) is the leading European industry association working to accelerate the market-deployment of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies. NEW-IG partners with the European Commission and the research community within the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. This industry-led public-private partnership supports the research, development and demonstration towards commercial introduction of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies through annual calls. More broadly, NEW-IG is the leading voice of the Industry vis-à-vis the European decision-makers to secure financial and regulatory support for market deployment of fuel cells and hydrogen in Europe. For more information:

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