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Fronius sells first Energy Cells

A renewable future one step closer

(PresseBox) (Wels, ) In June 2010 Fronius International GmbH sold the first two Energy Cells in the 4 KW power category. The cells convert solar hydrogen into power without producing any byproducts that are harmful to the environment. WSW Engineering S.R.O., a Fronius International sales partner based in the Czech Republic, was the proud recipient. "We will be using the Fronius Energy Cells for research purposes, developing our understanding of this innovative technology. We then aim to use the knowledge gained to develop a total system capable of providing an entire household with renewable power", explained Jakub Janda, Deputy Managing Director of WSW Engineering S.R.O.

One of the Energy Cells is destined for the Czech Technical University in Prague; and the other will be used for demonstration purposes at the company's Czech site. Experts at the University will simulate a photovoltaic system and will use the fuel cell to analyse the system as a whole.

Using the experience gained from this project, WSW Engineering S.R.O. aims to be in a position to offer a total system by the end of 2010. The aim is for the system to become within the reach of the public at large in the coming years, allowing society as a whole to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.

Energy autonomy ever more attractive Interest in the market for fuel cell technology is growing all the time. Energy autonomy means a new type of independence that stands in contrast to everrising crude oil and electricity costs. More and more people are convinced that the Energy Cell represents the future and are willing to invest in this technology, such as Jakub Janda's customers. "Becoming energy independent and helping the environment are ever more attractive goals", was the view of these experts.

The target group is a growing entity, and purchasers of PV systems rated between 100 KW and 200 KW in particular represent potential customers for Energy Cells. "The sale of the first Fronius Energy Cells means that unlimited, independent power generation has become a reality. We believe in progress", was the shared view expressed by Jakub Janda and solar pioneer and Fronius Managing Director Klaus Fronius.

Further development of the Fronius Energy Cell The challenges currently facing Fronius are the development of lowcost electrolysis methods and improving storage capacity. The Fronius Energy Cell is at a sophisticated technological level, yet development work continues. The focus in the coming years will be on making it cheaper, smaller, lighter and more efficient in order to expand the range of potential applications for the cell. "Current developments have vindicated our decision to invest in developing the Fronius Energy Cell at the time we did.", stated the Fronius Managing Director proudly.

Fronius International GmbH

Fronius International is an Austrian company with headquarters in Pettenbach, other sites in Wels, Thalheim and Sattledt, and production facilities in the Czech Republic and Ukraine. Fronius is active in the fields of battery charging systems, welding technology and solar electronics. The company employs 2,677 staff worldwide, 1,923 of whom are based in Austria. 93% of Fronius products are exported through its 14 sales subsidiaries, two agencies (Turkey/welding technology and China/solar electronics) and 130 sales partners around the world. 14.9% of the total turnover of 329 million Euro is reinvested (financial year 2009). With its outstanding products and services and 649 active patents, Fronius is world technology leader. 358 employees work in research and development.