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(PresseBox) (Wien, ) CEP4 is FEMTOLASERS latest generation of Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP) stabilization techniques, continuing the tradition of CEP innovation and success established over the past decade by CEP1 - CEP3. CEP4's outstanding quality opens new realms of CEP stabilization.

Via a direct feed-forward approach, the CEP drift is corrected on-the-fly after the free-running, passively stable FEMTOSOURCE(TM) rainbow(TM) ultrafast oscillator.

Zero phase slip, i.e., a train of pulses with identical waveform, is now as easy to obtain as any other slip rate.

Unprecedented performance and reliability, both short- and long-term, are ensured by the CEP4 stabilization operation (F. Lücking et al., Optics Letters, published online (2012)).

The CEP4 approach is packaged in a compact and robust module available together with the FEMTOSOURCE(TM) rainbow(TM) oscillator. The latter generates the shortest optical pulses commercially available with highest quality, stability, and reproducibility.

FEMTOLASERS Produktions GmbH

FEMTOLASERS Produktions GmbH is the premiere manufacturer of ultrafast, compact and reliable laser oscillator and amplifi er solutions. Founded in 1994 in Vienna, Austria, the company offers products and excellent services which have evolved to be the fi rst choice among OEMs and scientists worldwide for demanding applications and solutions.

FEMTOLASERS state-of-the-art products offer technology of highest quality.

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