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disynet: Ultra miniature stainless pressure sensor prevents turbine damage

(PresseBox) (Brüggen-Bracht, ) Rapidly rotating objects in water - such as runners of rotary pumps, water turbines or ship propellers - create vapour bubbles due to rapid changes of pressure (cavitation).

These bubbles can implode when subject to higher pressure and generate intense shockwaves.

Cavitation can cause damage (as shown in the graphic), vibration and a loss of efficieny.

The graphic shows the damaged runner of a Francis-Turbine, which is often used in hydroelectric dams. The adjustable guide vanes or wicket gates of the turbine (yellow) regulate the water flow, depending on the water level of the reservoir.

Cavitation is generated here behind the edges of the guide vanes.

The pressure sensor EPL is used to determine the optimal position of the guide vanes, i.e. the maximum water quantity with minimal damage due to cavitation.

The geometry of the sensor is vital: small size, low-profile design - just 2mm high - with the membrane parallel to the mounting surface.

The sensor is mounted in a groove and fixed with hard glue so that only the stainless steel surface is visible.

The pressure sensor is then sealed with a soft epoxy glue, keeping the circular sensitive area free of glue. The sensor can be made water tight in this manner achieving a protection of up to IP68.

The sensor is available in ranges from 0.5 to 350 bar, also for absolute pressure measurements.

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