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Invitation to bid for Treasury discount paper of the Federal Republic of Germany (Unverzinsliche Schatzanweisungen - "Bubills")

(PresseBox) (Frankfurt, ) For the account of the Federal Government, the German Finance Agency, through Deutsche Bundesbank, offers for sale by auction:

Treasury discount paper of the Federal Republic of Germany
(Unverzinsliche Schatzanweisungen – “Bubills”)
August 2010 issue / maturity 6 months
due on 9 February 2011
ISIN DE0001115673 // SIN 111 567
envisaged issue volume (auction allotment and amount
set aside for secondary market operations): € 5 billion

Members of the Bund Issues Auction Group are entitled to bid. Bids must be for a par value of not less than € 1 million or an integral multiple thereof. The yield rate bids must be expressed as full 0.0005 percentage points. It is possible to make noncompetitive bids. The bids accepted by the issuer will be allotted at the yield bid. Noncompetitive bids are filled at the weighted average yield of the bids accepted. The right to scale down bids is reserved.

Time schedule of the auction procedure:
Bidding period: Monday, 9 August 2010, from 8.00 a. m. until 11.00 a. m. Frankfurt time
Value date: Wednesday, 11 August 2010
Settlement: delivery versus payment-settlement in the night-time processing of Clearstream
Banking AG Frankfurt, beginning on the eve of the value date

In addition, the Auction rules, the Special terms and conditions of the Deutsche Bundesbank for auctions of Federal securities using the Bund Bidding System (BBS) and the Issue terms for Federal securities shall apply.